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QLD Stolen Triumph sprint 2002

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by gmce, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Guys, be on look out if you have a Triumph Sprint or similar in Brisbane
    My Sprint was stolen from work 22 June - East end of Fortitude valley at Emporium
    Plate HR330
    Got photos of the guy riding it across a toll bridge at 9:03am so it was tekn between 7:30 and and around 8:30 am
    British Racing Green with top box. Great bike. Only 22,000KM
    Police say there are quite a few begin stolen.
    Unfortunately no insurance ...
    Bought an older CBR1100XX but its not as good to ride. Cannot afford a Sprint for a while.
    My advice - buy and alarm immobiliser and a tracker - I have!

  2. better still, get insurance
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  3. Better still get insurance, an immobiliser, and a disc lock.

    The former in case the bust the other stuff, the latter to help you from forking out excess and the other related costs that come about from it being stolen.
  4. Just remember to take the disc lock off before you ride!!!! I don't use them for fear of forgetting.
  5. And data dot (drops insurance down quite alot)
  6. That sucks dude! Hate hearing any bike gets stolen much less one of the same family as mine!
    Heres hoping it comes back to you intact.

    I invested in an alarm and immobiliser on mine, probably should look into a tracker too.