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Stolen Triumph 675

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kittiminx, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. Woke up this morning and my BF's bike has been lifted from the carport under the building!
    :shock: :evil: :evil: :evil:
    was locked, and in enclosed garage without a garage door (which doesn't face the street)
    I guess the scum drove in sometime last night. We've been living here exactly one month. (east st kilda)
    he was fully insured with swann, but i don't think he told them we moved, and i'm stressed that they won't pay??
    it was such a beautiful bike!!! i'm so upset (more than he is, i think)
    anyway, my guess is we'll never see it again, and is probably in pieces by now, but if anyone sees a red FK 507 on the road - bash the @#^$

  2. Well that sucks, will keep an eye out Sophie but I am tipping that you won't be seeing that beautiful bike again. Sounds like the bike was targeted more than a joyrider.

    Bike thieves should be shot on site.
  3. Bloody hell!!!! That sucks so much...... *hugs* and hope you have good stuff happen for you guys.. grrrrrrr to thieves! Especially bike thieves! Tiga's 675 was stolen from east melbourne as well. I wonder if it is some local people around cbd/city area.. hmm. Makes my heart skip a beat each time I walk out to my bike first time each day, *just in case* something has happened to it as well (I'm on full insurance) but the major hassle it causes AND you guys have to pay the premum increases due to not having someone paying for the loss... And not too long to go before the big event either! :(

    If you need a friend to talk to, PM me. I can even come down to Epworth to hang out/talk if you need. Not a good thing to read at all.
  4. I used to live in Elwood (effectively St Kilda South), and had my Kawasaki ZX-6R stolen in a similar fashion, many moons ago.

    When I rang the police to file a report and claim for it, I was told that the whole area around St Kilda is the worst for motorcycle and car theft in Victoria.

    Seems to me that it shouldn't take too much effort to set up a covert sting operation given the prevalence of the activity in the area, but that would involve someone in authority actually giving two shits.

    Your BF has my sympathy. I know exactly how he feels.
  5. Sorry to hear, hope insurance pays. Damn thieves hope they die scumbags
  6. Noo..!! I think my insurance co. has said I need to tell them of a move within, was it... 2 or 4 weeks :? But your guy had some crossover time when he was still at the previous place, cleaning up, right?

    Hope you don't get any hassles over it and can go out shopping for the next one soon - maybe one for you instead? :wink:
  7. I know technically youre in the wrong for not telling them your/his new residential details but does it really effect the claim? After all, for all they know he was temporarily living at a mates house and the bike was stolen from there. Your bike should be covered for theft pretty much anywhere in australia.
  8. yeah, that's what i'm hoping.

    really i just feel a bit sick, and there's not much point buying another until we can up the security here, like put a door on the garage (it's fully enclosed brick car port, just like a single garage sans door)
    Made the police report, and now the only thing i have to worry about is having to share the car! He'll need it to get to work now, and means if i want it i'll have to drop him off at 7am and pick up after. :(
  9. I hate to kick someone when they're down but two things.

  10. When I was in hospital a nurse was telling me about a close friend who had bought a special edition R1 for about 60 grand (don't ask me the details of exactly why it was so expensive, but it was). The night they bought it he put it in a locked garage at the rear of their house, and it was chained to a ground plate anchored into the ground. It was stolen by morning. Obviously it was done by someone who had connections with the place it was ordered from as they knew exactly when to hit! If someone wants your bike enough its gone, simple as that.

    And when its a bike as rare, expensive and perfect as a 675..
  11. That's the reason(s) why 675s used to NOT be wanted by thieves (the "big time" ones) in my mind. rare, so not a big demand on parts, cost, expensive? I think it's a "cheap" bike, so not on the hit list like harleys and expensive euro bikes ($30K+). And perfect, well... most bike thieves usually are in it for the parts and rebirthing (and ordered ones which with 675s being rare'ish, they are harder to acquire and "hide" in normal use.. well kind of in my view)

    But it doesn't change the fact that a person "close" to us had their bike stolen :mad: :evil: Low life scum :roll:
  12. Would not be surprised if much of the 'targeted' thefts of bikes is from within the industry.

    I mean, anytime you take a bike in for servicing / work done etc. The people in the business know what the addresses are and also what to be on the look out for.

    This happens regularly for cars!
  13. ouch! what a fright! sorry to hear of your loss.
  14. They probably wont deny your claim, but they will probably give you a hard time about it if you havent changed your address. The thing is that moving to a high risk area like that would most likely increase the premium which they will probably make you pay before you can lodge a claim. Sorry to be the bearer of more bad news :(
  15. Ouch thats not cool at all, sorry to hear about that.

    Its one of those things you never think well happen to you, and then one day it does :(