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Stolen - Termi exhaust for gxsr1k

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bluemuppet, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. (not sure if this is the correct seciton)

    Carbon fibre with Termi logo, slip on (or off as the case may be)
    Fits K5/K6 Suz GSX-R1000

    Stolen between evening of Monday 2nd and today sometime.

    Location was from a common undercover garage in an apartment building in Brunswick.

    Looked sorta like this, except it mounts to the pillion peg:

    If anyone hears anything... yada yada.

  2. This seems to occur quite a bit. i heard of a zorst being pinched off a bike that was under a bike cover and had a demobiliser attached.
    They never bothered to take the whole bike, but just slipped under the cover and removed the exhaust. because the bike wasn't ridden daily and it wasn't obvious under the cover, there was no way to tell when it was even taken.

    Good luck, but you know.
  3. Who the hell steals an exhuast?

    If its for their OWN bike, then obviously they must have some money to be able to afford a bike in the first place, so why don't they save a little more and buy their own damn exhaust.

    Theives are scum. I vote we start cutting off hands like some other countries do.
  4. someone stole the polished end cap off my oem muffler.

    didn't take the whole thing... just the end cap.

    some people are just scabs.
  5. I hope the thief cuts his hand on the exhaust flange during it's handling; creating a small wound in which a common housefly sees fit to lay it's eggs.
    Upon hatching, the maggots will burrow into the surrounding flesh, creating new sores and an area of dead tissue fit for bacterial infection.
    After passing fungal spores succeed in infecting the wound, virii should enter the bloodstream through underlying blood-vessels and travel towards the brain.
    In a daze of cerebral infection, I hope the thief will wander into a local city park in the early hours of the morning, where they are violently raped by a careless [and well endowed] HIV carrier, or several.

    After enjoying 12 months of relatively good health, during which time their gangrenous hand is amputated, their immune system would shut-down completely, at which point the thief is not struck by the common cold, but by horrific gastroenteritis.
    Having coughed blood upon their own chest, they will attempt to take a relaxing bath, but after placing the plug in the drain, will have a slight dizzy spell; causing them to strike their head on a nearby tile and fall unconscious into the bathtub. In a semi-coma like state, their body will let go of all unnecessary control and function, allowing them to drown in a cocktail of their own blood, piss and shit.

    Their mother will find them dead and by a freak coincidence of physics, geometry, random-chance and high embarrassment: their hand will be grasping their penis.

    Hah, I really am a cynic, but here I am typing all this 'perfect world' crap. Must be the Jack Daniels...
  6. I actually wonder at the fact that this does not happen all the time.
  7. Ktulu: simultaneously impressed and grossed out.

    That said, I also hope for all of the above for said perp
  8. ktulu, you are" THE MAN."
  9. Reading shit like this make me sick. Whats the world coming to when you bust your balls to improve your bike and some muppet with sticky fingers comes along
  10. I had the handgrips off my BMX stolen when I was in high school... :LOL:
  11. sorry to hear mate.. There are some common thugs out there. I had the pillion pegs pinched off my bike in a busy carpark of all places.

    I concur with Ktulu :grin:
  12. ffs.

    Hard luck mate, karma and all that.
  13. the other day someone stole one of my polished bar ends

    yes they only stole one

    who the hell steals one bar end
  14. Why not? easier to flog than a bike? Takes a lot less to steal.

    Happens pretty often. All you'd have to do is take some hex keys and the world of aftermarket accesories is open to you.
  15. DUDE - that was your bike..... Well I'll be darned..... :LOL: :LOL:

    Sorry, back on track.

    This happens quite often in 4x4 markets - roof racks, spare wheels, etc.... It is more common that you think - poeple just dont mention it.....

    I have had mirrors, levers and such taken from bikes over the years.
  16. If you find him.. dont go to the cops.. cut his fingers off instead..
    or let Kutlu's post do the job.. :cool:
  17. I had 3 BMX bikes stolen in high school!!!........thieves are the lowest form of scum :mad:
  18. nah. theives aren't all bad.
    One night when i finished work i come to my bike(in lonsdale st melbourne) and some idiot had removed the left rearset and was getting stuck into the right one as well.
    :shock: :shock: :shock: i asked him if he needed a hand fixing his bike to which he replied he was ok.
    so i asked him again, are you sure you've got the right bike cause i'm pretty sure that's not yours? :evil: :evil:
    He looked at me, i was feeling the same feelings as ktulu towards this scum, and then he legged it. :shock:
    the funny bit is he left behind some absolutely beautiful warren and brown and snap on tools. including torque wrench. :shock: so thank you thief. if it wasn't for you i wouldn't have got some great tools. :grin:
  19. he had probably nicked the tools too :LOL:
  20. Try looking for it on Ebay, which I call Crime Bay. I know heaps of theives use ebay to fence off stuff they have stollen. And why not, they can knock it off, advertise it, sell it world wide, box it up, and post it. No cash needs to change hands at a pub or back alley, and it looks legit. The other place to look for it is at your local Crime Converters (Cash Converters). Or check out the WANTED and FOR SALE adds in bike mags. You might find the person who wanted one has yours!