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NSW Stolen Suzuki DRZ400 sm from Sydney CBD

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by gridkid, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. I'm sad that this is my first post here, after lurking for a while.

    Yesterday (21st September) by 2011 DRZ super motard was stolen from Hickson Road during the day (twixt 8.30am and 6pm).

    • 2010 model
    • White panels, black tank, blue rims
    • 8,000 kms on the clock
    • Completely stock, except for a low profile aluminium tail rack
    • Rack had a black backpack strapped to it
    • Rego QVK 88
    • Red P plate under rego plate

    I applied the steering lock (yeah, not going to stop a determined thief) and it was one of about 10 other bikes parked in the same stretch of road. Nobody has ever heard of a theft in this spot before, but recently a guy was car jacked at 4.30pm on a week day - so be careful!

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  2. Fortunately it is insured (and I can claim back 2 weeks of bike rental until the claim is paid), but it's annoying that I LOVE this bike and would buy another just the same in a heartbeat - unless someone else has a good reason to convince me otherwise!
  3. Hope it turns up mate, SM's are such cool bikes.
  4. motards always seem to be saught after by the theives.

    you WILL buy another one.
  5. sorry to hear it happened, smart thing having it insured but it is a major pain in the butt for you.. Hopefully you'll come out ahead, wether you get the bike back in good shape or insuracne pays up quickly..
  6. Thanks guys. It's nice to hear messages of support from people who can appreciate what it feels like to lose what feels like a part of you (it's not 'just a bike' like non-riders might say).
  7. I had a new bike stolen a couple of months ago, so I feel your pain. Who are you insured with?
  8. I am in the market for one.

    Alas, i did not steal your bike.

    You will buy another one. :D

    Hope it turns up for you, they are sexy, sexy beasts.
  9. Rotten pricks!
    Sorry for your loss.
    My drz400sm was stolen too in June three days after my birthday
  10. ouch, sorry to hear... I'll keep an eye out of course.
    Hope it does turn up though
  11. Sorry to hear mate and hope you find her soon or at least get your insurance to pay for a new one.
    I'll stay on the lookout.
    Made me rethink whether I should use anything more than the steering lock on my Zed.
    Heck, I'm going down right now to check if she's still there!
    Never thought the bastards would steal bikes in the CBD in plain day, guess you can never bee too careful.
  12. hmm good point, might start actually using my disk lock while at work... then again I ride a Hyo and I know some people would say they'd be doing me a favour lol
  13. Insure My Ride - they've been pretty good so far and offer up to $1,500 for bike rental until the claim's paid.
  14. I posted flyers near where the theft happened, asking if anyone saw anything unusual that day. Today only a few bikes are parked in the area so I think it spooked some of the other riders who park on Hickson Road - maybe that's a good thing? Either way I'll be using a security device in future, but what's likely to be the best deterrent - a disc lock, heavy chain or a motion-sensitive alarm?
  15. heavy chain it to something. they are a light bike so thieves could just lift it up and carry it away to put in a van or something.

    i know that i can pick up and carry my motard around by myself so 2 people would just make it too easy.
  16. Good advice - as long as there's something nearby to chain it to (finding a park in the city is hard enough!).
  17. Bugger. Hope it's recovered quickly and in one piece!

    How about the bike you park next to? :p
  18. Bastards! Feel for you. Wouldn't have thought they would carry a bike away in the CBD, if it's parked among other bikes. I'm using a U-lock which I slide through the front fork and wheel. My bike also has an Immobiliser.

    Let us know how quickly the insurance pays up and if they make any trouble for you.
  19. No news yet, but Insure My Ride reckon they'll pay up after the obligatory 2 week waiting period. I'm also keeping en eye on my e-toll account just in case they're stupid enough to leave the plates on (unlikely, but you never know!).

    So, who's got a motard they want to sell me?!
  20. nah i'm keeping both of mine :)