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Stolen SRX250

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by rodgonzbea, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. Hi:
    In a very sad note, some a'hole stole my bike from a "secure" carpark at work, the Lyell MacEwin hospital, sometime between fri 29 oct-and sat 29 oct. Its an SRX250 Yamaha, purple, with yellow frame.
    Im sad because it was my transport, I have to travel 70 kms a day to get to work and back, Im sad because it was my bike, and enjoyed riding it , Im sad because some prick is going to trash it and dump it after all the work Ive done on it, and Im sad cause with 5 kids Ive got buckleys chance of getting another bike, in a long time..
    if you see it please call SAPOL, or PM me.. thanks.

    I dont know how to shrink the photos I have... help?
  2. Thats a shame dude, sorry to hear it! Hope you get it back in one piece.

    Just attach them using the attach files option? They should automatically resize ;).
    Otherwise a nice free, simple and small image viewing program with a resize function (Image>Resize/Resample) is Irfanview (assuming you arent on a mac)
  3. bastards, if u cant resize them, pm me the pics and ill do it for u
  4. sucks to hear :(

    i believe ms paint can resize.
  5. Thank you, see if this works...

    Attached Files:

  6. That should stand out like a harley at a track day. Good luck recovering it mate, hope it comes back to you.
  7. if it is secure parking they should have cameras. have you asked if you can see footage?
  8. If you catch the bastards, resize them too.

    There are plenty of cheap bikes around, for sub-$1000 you can get a reliable bike and get it on the road, if you're not too picky....
  9. Secured carpark has only cameras pointing at the entry boomgate, and pedestrian entry, not one points at the m'cycle area or any of the parking levels... I work in a public hospital, so there are sh't loads of people going through..a mate also had his virago's ign barrel butchered with a screwdriver on the same night, but his steering lock held.. (+/- $300 damage though..) so they went for mine.
    oh well, it was fun while I had her...

  10. surely the cams would pick them walking out with it? unless they chucked it inside a van or something?
  11. i live in salisbury so will keep my eye for it, nothing is safe these days even in a locked garage they still get stolen.
  12. Hello.. THEY'VE FOUND IT!!!!!

    I had a call from the cops yesterday, and they found it dumped on the side of a road near my work.... on my lunch break i went to the station to assess the damage..

    It's still in one piece, but the ignition barrel is gone, there is a s'load od wires hanging off the front, where they've hotwired it. They ripped the seatlock to bits, and ripped the vinyl around, shredded it actually.. tried to take the fairing off, but gave up and left it hanging from 1 bolt. There are petrol marks on the tank , it looks they just dropped it on its side. How humilliating for such an old girl....
    i"m organizing a tow truck to take her back home in a couple of days, cops were fine about holding it in the yard for a few days.. so I can have a good look. Hopefully the engine is still OK. Doesn't look like it was crashed or anything. At least it wasn't as bad as the other ones they had there.. a scooter had been torched.. f'kd.., what looked like a ninja was crashed...
    So it could have been worse.. Ill post some pics of the damage when I get it home. Thanks to everyone for listening to my rants, your comments if anything made feel that there are other people that DO give a stuff, even if its to say..sorry that it happenned. Cheers!!
  13. Thats good and bad news mate.
    Hopefully cheaply repairable eh?
  14. Wow, poor old bike. I'm glad to hear that it was found, lets hope you can get it back on the road again shortly.
  15. Nice to hear a some what decent resolution, looks like the lack of any intelligence on behalf of the thieves paid off.