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Stolen: Rizoma Senso Bl/Or Mirrors

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by maxhdrm, May 25, 2012.

  1. Stolen off of my 2008 Silver MT-01 on Friday, May 18th in Melbourne CBD, Flinders Lane behind the Sofitel Hotel, these Rizoma Mirrors will be greatly missed.

    They are very rare in Australia, so would really appreciate a note (and a rego number) if someone spots them. Photo in the link below.



  2. Unusual mirrors man! Rotten luck on them going missing.
  3. Stealing mirrors.. that's different.
  4. Wow, they look nice!
    And there's a hot pair on the market now, you say?
  5. Yeah, what kind of sick bastard steals a man's mirrors?
  6. I've heard of stealing helmets,gear,the bike itself.. but to steal someones mirrors..

    very odd, they were nice mirrors though.
    chances of you getting them back is slim to none.. are you going to buy more? and how are you going to stop them from getting stolen a second time.
  7. Unlikely I'll replace them with anything as appealing. I've thought about security bolts and locktite but then the thief would likely have broken them and damaged the mounts.

    Whatever I put on, I'll be parking it under a camera!
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    They are very cool. But do they work, can you actually see anything other than your wrists?

    Stealing from another rider is pretty low. I can't imagine you'll ever see them again.

  9. WTF? What a low life Schmuck who stole them. These things really really piss me off.

    Hope you find this guy & give him the kick in the nuts (with the motorbike shoes) that he deserves.
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    They worked ok for me. I adjusted them so I could see the lanes beside me for about 5 - 7 meters. To see behind me I had to lift my elbow and look under my armpit. Plus, objects in the mirror appear closer than they are.

    Perhaps they weren't the safest mirrors to use, but I made them work for me and they made the bike nice and narrow for lane splitting. I didn't touch a single truck mirror and they made the bike look nice and low.

    They were unique and I miss them. I hope the thief is really enjoying them but that Karma will find him impaled on one ...
  11. Plus, objects in the mirror appear closer than they are.

    Incorrect objects in the mirror are lossing....

    But seriously very sorry to hear this, really makes me mad when people f*ck another persons stuff.
  12. Very expensive and they came with tools.!!... What color are they ?
  13. I was going to write "wth, who steals side mirrors" but then i remembered that someone crawled under my car, disconnected and stole my fog lights from my impreza a few years back. 9am, in a busy street.

    People are scum.