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Stolen rego labels

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by waedwe, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. We moved house a month or so ago, and for a short while kept the bikes in the backyard and without the dogs in the yardwhile i fixed the fences, Today i took my wifes bike to a dealer to do a trade in for her, only to discover the rego label gone.
    The rego label was affixed to the number plate, all the bolts were still in place just no label and its holder, odd i thought, but may have snapped somehow and left no plastic bits around the bolts, but when i got home i noticed that the rego label was also removed from the side of my bike. It seems more thana coincidence that both rego labels that had sat tight and firm for 2 years on each of the bikes suddenly both disappear
    I wonder why they bother, it is going to be a slight hassle having to get new sticker from the rta, but what can they use them for, i mean at any more than a glance it will become apparent to anyone looking that the rego doesn't match the bikes they are on, i guess it is just to make a unregistered bike look registered from a distance.
    I just hope they try and come back for the next 1, hehehe my dog is not very welcoming of strangers and my wifes poodle will cheer the assault :LOL:

  2. Whenever a cop has had a look at my rego label, it's been a look for the rego label, not actually at it. As long as it is the standard colour, not much more attention is usually paid. If they really want to check, they will do it on their system not by checking the label.
  3. waedwe,
    Sorry to hear of that mate, and yes...TOO coincidental for both to go missing around the same time.
    What IS the world becoming - I feel for you, mate.
    I bet you're 'praying' the offender/s returns to get properly acquainted with your dog (y)
  4. it could be used through a round-a-bout method to steal your I.D. I am sure you have a good quality Lock on your mailbox right ;)
  5. very strange for both to go missing.

    I had a rego holder fail on me the other day .. the tublar ones... anyways, easy enough to get a new one. Ring the RTA. They charge your credit card i think about $20 for a new sticker, and send in the post. It was actually much easier then I thought it would be...
  6. Yep too coincedental, if they come back the dog is prepared, as evidenced by it bringing me half a possum just now :LOL:
  7. Wow they rip you guys off. I have been through a number of stickers and queensland transport have never charged me.
  8. my rego label is under the seat. how i see it, the lable is easy to access, the bike is registered, and i've not lost a label since moving it (previously lost 2 in the past).

    the only downside of having the lable hidden under the seat is it's illegal... but so is the fender eliminator, slip on's... and if i'm being pulled over... probably my riding at the time.
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