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Stolen - Red Hyosung GT250R

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Prawns, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. 2005 Red Hyosung GT250R Stolen from Lemon Tree Passage (50clicks from Newcastle) on 27 Nov 07.

    Number Plate: TLW03

    Large cash reward for information leading to the bikes return
    Phone 0423926201

  2. {waiting for Loz to come on with snide remark :LOL:.}
  3. were you trying to sell that a few months back?
  4. Should mention its my neighbours bike, i ride a gixxer (never had a hyosung before)

    I will personally throw a bonus in if the theif gets f@#$@ up by whoever spots him. (or address details would also get a bonus)
  5. Gosh, who'd steal a bike.

    hey guys, check out my new thread about this red hyosung i found, came with license plates and all!

    Ok, bad joke, I'd keep an eye out, but i doubt it will turn up here any time soon.
  6. Sorry about the bike. I'll tell my mum-in-law to keep an eye out as she lives in LTP. I love that place so much, but haven't been for a few years now. Hope you get it back in one piece.
  7. I will let my daughter know she lives at Tanilba Bay !! ill tell her to put the word out .
  8. Of all the bikes to steal... wouldn't have made more sense to take your gixxer and leave the hyosung? :LOL:

    But in all seriousness, i hope the guy gets what he deserves :evil:
  9. Who would steal a Hyo when a Gixxer is right next door!?!! Geez, I thought my bike was safe from theft now I'm worried. I can't believe someone stole a Hyo. Maybe he's pulling insurance fraud or lost it at the car park. It just doesn't make sense! haha.
  10. Well there are a lot of these around ridden by newbies, so if someone offers you a cheap set of fairings, have a looooong think and then call the cops. :wink:
  11. He might have been on his l's :p
  12. Yeah, right.

    Shouldn't this be in the joke section?

    But seriously, i hope 'your neighbour' gets it back.
  13. lols cheers for the replys and getting the word around guys :)

    My neighbour used to have a bigger bike he says, but after he had a bad accident he got rid of it.
    The hyosung was pretty much purely for transport to work and back I think.