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VIC Stolen Red Honda VTR250 / Rego CE944 from Brunswick VIC

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Nachi, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Went to visit a friend and parked the bike on the curb on Brunswick Rd right outside the house. Came out two ~ three hours later and and Bike was gone... Have reported to the Police. But not sure if I'll ever see it again... It would have been between 11PM-2AM on Monday night - bastards!

  2. sorry to hear about this, just goes to show the learne bikes arent even safe. Hope it comes back in one piece
  3. Wow... a VTR250!!! I own one and now i'm rethinking all the "park in the footpaths". Pretty sure the rego would be changed by now but a pic (if you have one) and identifying marks would help us keep an eye out for it.

    Such a shame though and i hope you get it back in one piece!!
  4. Sorry to hear that Nachi. It's a bad feeling isn't it? Mine was stolen in Brunswick about 2 years ago. The cops eventually found the remaining unsold parts in a lockup (guy was charged).
    It's not unheard of for bikes to be recovered, but not common. Did you have insurance? Either way, make 100% sure you get a hard copy of the police report, even if you have to pay for it (I did).
  5. [​IMG]

    Here is a pic of the bike, I was surprised it was taken too, I would have though thieves wouldn't have bothered with a bike like this as I'm sure there are plenty of much nicer ones out there! I guess they will just take whatever is there, never though it would happen to you until it happens to you.

    Next to the right hand side pillion foot peg there is a part of the frame which looks like it's been bogged, the rear fender has a small crack on the right hand side as well, exactly where the luggage rack stands fit onto the back.

    Everything else is in pretty good condition for a 13 year old bike, it's insured but I wont really get much back for it minus the excess... would rather bike than not.
  6. Yeah having ya bike stolen is a pretty bad feeling... I'll make sure I get a copy of the police report, do the insurance people need it? the police just asked me a few questions over the phone and put it on the register for stolen vehicles, hoping it'll turn up soon... miss riding already!
  7. If the plate starts turning up in speed-camera photos you'll need that report to defend yourself, potentially... and any other liability that might come to your door as a result of the theft.
  8. Hate this sh**, nice bike though, really hope you get some good news on it.