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SA Stolen - one of a kind ZX9R Ninja

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by lowercase, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. posting on behalf of a good mate

    98-99 Kawasaki Ninja ZX9R----STOLEN!!

    2 tone blue and purple 99 kawasaki ninja zx9r
    blue racing screen
    clear indicator lenses
    clear LED tail light
    silver reflective rim tape
    kawasaki sportsbike riders club number plate frame
    blue flame grips, chrome skulls on the end
    small metal skull just above the headlight
    kaneg and K&N stickers on the side fairings

    REGO: S12AFA
    VIN: JKAZX2C14XA029907
    Engine: ZX900E023816

    Any info please contact:
    michael guarini
    Broadview SA 5083

    stolen 8th DEC 2010 - between 12:30am and 7am



  2. more pics



  3. this bike is his everything. i know how i'd feel if my bike where to be stolen, and can understand exactly what he's going through.
  4. what bastards

    I really like this model of zx9 -- I rode one around in Thailand
  5. yeah, exactly. i mean, steal my wallet or my phone, take whatever from the house. just LEAVE MY VEHICLES ALONE!!!! (and my two antique tables)
  6. Understandably he's pretty upset over it - this is his pride and joy and he's pampered this bike. Not much has gone his way in life so to have some scumsucking lowlife do this is pretty devastating.

    Really hoping it's found and found soon.

    Cheers Holly for posting this up - I know he'll appreciate it.
  7. no worries - he's a good guy.

    and i mean... this really is the worst time of year for it too.
  8. Farking scum! - I don't know what else to say, Fingers crossed it pops up somewhere local and un-tainted. Pricks.
  9. Why don't these thieves roll over and die, already !!! What pr*cks !
    Sorry to hear of this sad news lowercase - feel so sorry for your mate.
    I hope the bike is discovered asap and those responsible have what they deserve come their way !
  10. updated all info in first post to include specifics
  11. totally understand mate,ive had a cbr 954 stolen 2 weeks ago too,blody oxygen thievesshould be put down like a dog....
  12. Beautiful bike, hope it comes back safe...
  13. he saw it the other day just riding around - no mods and no damage - in the broad daylight!!!

    but not seen or heard anything since then :(

    he's put up tonnes of flyers i believe and trying to get everyone to keep an eye out.
  14. Well that's encouraging, at least it sounds like the douche is trying to get away with keeping it as a bike rather than dismantling it. All the best in locating it again.
  15. Where was the epic car/bike chase!
  16. sorry, i was confused. one of his "mates" saw it, and the "mate" whom i'm not sure is a mate anymore, didn't set up an epic bike/car chase... not cool!

    no one has seen it since
  17. So sorry to hear.. what a beautiful machine.. will keep eyes peeled for it..
  18. IT'S BEEN FOUND!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will post details up once I know them :D

    GOOD NEWS for my mate :D
  19. good to here hope no damage