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Stolen Number Plate - Update

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by boz, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. A while ago (a few months back) I mentioned to members that my number plate was stolen from my bike. I got a new one from Vic Roads, and reported the theft to police.

    Just today I received a call from a police seargent. My number plate has been 'found' on a stolen motorbike. They discovered it serindipidously when they do routine number plate checks as vehicles drive/ride by as it was on their list of stolen plates. (I am all for that system that checks number plates automatically - hopefully it can do so from behind too...). I now get to give a signed statement on what occurred so that they can prosecute the offender.

    I realise it is a small 'win', but it has made my day knowing that someone that caused me problems has been (or is being) brought to justice...

  2. What problems, other than the hassles of reporting this, getting a new plate, etc. have you suffered? Did the thief cause you to incur any fines, such as speed camera tickets?
  3. well done boz, I have a particular hate of the filth in our society that have the arrogance and the temerity to touch other people's belongings. I hope the offender gets 5 yrs, but we all know they wont. Bugger !

    Cut off thier hands I say, they'll never pick up something that's not theirs ever again !!!
  4. Cool, that'll teach them.
  5. There was no hassle in reporting it. The only hassle / problems that I incurred were:
    - needing to wait for vicroads to open so that I can get a new number plate (I normally leave for work at 6:45, had to wait until 9:30 for Vic Roads to open...)
    - being pulled over by police on the way to vicroads for riding without a number plate (but when I told them I reported it, and they checked this out they let me continue on the way).

    So there weren't any big issues. I did not receive fines due to the theif. But being required to deal with Vic Roads when you don't have to - in my opinion - is problem enough. :)

    Oh - and the $13 for a new plate.
  6. As long as boz reported it and changed the rego plate for a different one he should be ok from the "Flash for Bracks" cameras.

    Mind you it would be a pain in the rear if it was a personalised plate that was stolen.
  7. Which you should be able to recover from the government if you make a victim of crime compensation claim.
  8. Really? never knew that. Where to I make that claim?

    I probably won't because chances are it needs to be done during normal working hours, which mean it would (in essence) cost me more money to make that claim than the $13 I spent on the plate...
  9. I think I'll leave it be. After all then the offender would know I am making this claim (since he would have to pay $) and next time (after he is back on the streets) he may choose to take my bike rather than than just the number plate... For $13 it's not worth it.... :)
  10. he doesn't have to pay extra, the government foots the victims of crime bill
  11. Tempting, but still not worth the hassle. I'm lazy.
  13. I'll see what happens when I talk to the police officer tomorrow (giving my statement). He may bring this up...
  14. Dont' suppose your number plate was attached to a stolen GSXR1000?

    Long shot I know but worth it me thinks.
  15. All I know is that it was attached to a Suzuki... I will find out more info tomorrow (I will have the description of your friends bike if it turns out to be a gsxr1000 to check if it could be). I would assume that they would have called the person who had the actual bike stolen before they called the person with the number plate stolen... but then again they may not be able to track the owner of the bike...
  16. Thanks Boz, and if it is the bike prepare to be showered with beer!!!
  17. Boz, good news the plate was recovered. Hopefully justice will be served?? [-o< \:D/

    I think it's good that you've been kept in the loop (I'm sure some would rather never be told) although I guess it's mandatory to follow it up with you to help lay charges.
  18. Final installment: My plate was on a stolen 2003 GSXR1000. The bike was stolen on October 2nd (my plate was stolen on the 4th) from a guy's work in Richmond during daylight hours. He apparently used to park it in a carpark behind his building which had little thoroughfare of people (so nobody saw it). The thief was caught on New Years Eve in Wheelers Hill hooning around on the bike - police pulled him over for speeding, ran the rego, and arrested him. They did mention that they do not have a list of 'missing' plates (plates that have been stolen, replaced via vicroads, but not reported to police) so if you do have a plate stolen report it so it will go on their registry of stolen plates. He is in court at the end of next week, and is expected to plead guilty.

    As part of my statement, the police arranged for my $ to be refunded - all of $15 (cost of plate and holder for my rego sticker).
  19. So basically, if you had not reported your plate stolen, this guy probably would have gotten away with stealing someones bike?