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NSW Stolen - NSR150sp repsol

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by wille, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. Stolen from outside my house in Zetland - :(

    rego: VQS35

    2001 model in green/white/orange. It has a damaged front fairing (rhs). No theft insurance :'(

    Do let us know if you spot one with a damaged front fairing!

  2. I live in the area so I will keep an eye out. Around Zetland, Alexandria and Surrey Hills there is a reasonable chance it is still in the area

    When was it taken? I saw one down at the Royal National Park on Saturday, wasn't you per chance?

    Anyway do you have any photos and which side is the damage on, any other distinguishing marks?
  3. Thanks mate, really appreciate it.

    Was taken on the last weekend of October, not sure exactly which day but when I drove past on Tuesday it was gone.

    Nope wasn't me at the park - wish it was though! Ah don't have any photos on me either since I hadn't had it for that long, the damage to the front fairing is all on the right hand side though, and there are pretty bad scratches on the left hand side of the rear seat cowling.
  4. hey mate how'd you go with this? bike recovered? any pics?
    reason i ask is that i parked next to one at the local mall here in wagga a few months ago...i know wagga is a long way away but ive never seen it before and havent seen it again...had a damaged front fairing, tear/cut in seat and the rear tyre was worn...and the bike hadnt had a wash in a while.
    and was same scheme as you state.
    probably not the one but doesnt hurt to enquire.
  5. Hi thanks so much for your reply. No never heard about it again :(
    My one actually had a tear in the seat too! rear tyre was also worn... it's possible that could've been it but I guess it could also have been a coincidence. Anyway if it was a few months ago and you haven't seen it since there's little chance of tracking it down...

    Thanks anyway :)