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NSW Stolen NSR

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Tempus, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. 3 weeks ago I bought my first bike. A Honda NSR 150. The bike I've wanted since the first time I saw one 5 years ago, and for the last 6 months I've worked my guts out and it wasn't uncommon for me to go without meals so I could afford one of my own.

    Tonight, it was stolen as I had dinner with friends not 100 metres from where I parked it.

    I paid $3500 for the bike and it is has full comprehensive insurance to the amount of $4500.

    I am offering a $10,000 reward to the person who can provide me with information that will lead to the person who stole my bike seeing the inside of a jail cell.

    This may seem excessive, but after having my car broken into, and now after having my bike stolen, enough is enough and I have decided to make a stand.

    This is what the bike looks like. It was last seen around 9 00, Saturday, January 6th, 2007 at Kibble Park in Gosford NSW. Registration number is VQS 87. VIN is 6H6NS15041V000160.

    I'd love to have my bike back, but I would like more for the person who stole it to get what's coming to them.

  2. Bad news about the bike. Good news you've got insurance. Hope you have good luck with recovery and able to buy almost 3 more instead of paying a reward.
  3. mate i sympathise with you but your $10,000 would be better spent on replacing the bike and buying a good wheel lock with alarm.

    Besides, seriously, do you think that a motorbike thief is going to go to jail for his crime? Not likely. They would get a community-based order or some such slap on the wrist.

    Good luck with getting back on the road.
  4. fcuk mate that sucks i only just read ur 1st post b4,there r some low lifes around 1 of my parents friends son last yr went out n got a loan on a gsxr 750 but didnt have the coin 2 have it insured and it got stolen in the middle of the day in canberra...

    all the best with tracking it n the bastard who stole it down
  5. That sucks mate.

    But don't take it personally. Most likely a crime of opportunity. I'd hate to tell you what you should have done, but I will anyway... You should have spent 50 to $100 on a good cable/chain lock. You can go 'round both wheels and lock it to a post aswell. It deters most common thieves, and can be used for a lifetime on any bike you own.

    But lucky for you, you had it insured. Give yourself a few days to cool down, and buy yourself another bike when the insurance check comes in. :wink:
  6. i think the reward is more so he can possibly give his own form of justice on the bastard that stole it
  7. The police just found the bike and the 2 blokes who stole it.

    Wasn't the first time they've been in trouble so they're hip deep in s**t now.

    Going to pick my bike up now. Haven't seen it yet. Here's hoping it hasn't been thrashed.
  8. Excellent news. Fingers crossed all is good :)
  9. If they've done it before surely they must be looking at jail time. Good to hear you'll be out on the road again on it mate. Hope its still in good condition. Another thing you can look at is a disc lock alarm. I'm generally always near my bike and if my alarm goes off i, and anyone elsearound can hear it. If you have a few people you can pick up bike up that small and drive off with it. With the disk lock alarm, people would still have to pick up the front wheel to move it, and as soon as they try the alarm would go of giving you opprtunity to come out with cricket bat or something swinging. Just find out a bit about em first. i got a xena disc lock alarm which has been great, cost bout $70, but lately i have had a few problem with the alarm going off at random waking me up in the middle of the night with no one around. Definitely worth looking into though mate.

  10. man that bites!! to be only a few hundred metres away from your bike and still get it stolen. hope karma bites back the thieving s.o.b's.

    yar... time for an alarm methinks...
  11. wow

    They caught the guys? Thats great news. Why not offer the police some of that $10,000 for five minutes alone with those pricks.

    Well, we can only dream...
  12. Re: wow

    Being the operative term,
    To quote the Pantera song,
    " i ask you please just give us...
    5 minutes alone"


    ps, Hope you bike is still OK when you picked it up.
  13. That's good news on getting it back mate. Hope it hasn't been thrashed, that bike's right purdy!
  14. I agree with th emajority sentiment, and also question some of your post, tempus

    If you had to go without meals to buy a $3,500 bike, where now suddenly does $10,000 come from for a reward???

    And if you DO have a disposable $10,000, why do you give a tinker's cuss if you catch the thieves (which it seems has happened anyway??) Insurance would cover replacement and you could buy a much better bike than the tiny, tempermental 150 and forget the whole sorry episode.

    Sorry, but it just doesn't add up......
  15. great news! good to see the cops had a win over those thieving mongrels.

    Although getting the opportunity to mete out your own "punishment" would surely be worth ten grand i reckon...

    now go get that alarm lock!

    and yeah hornet i thought that too but the dude was angry, so you can give him a bit of room to vent!

    good luck
  16. maybe the 10000 is a typo and it should be 1000, it just doesn't make any sense to have a reward greater than the value of the item lost !!

  17. what value can you place on your first bike? especially if you've lusted after it for 5years?
    it's...your first. 10grand is a lot of fighting talk, but how many people here would pay too much money to get their first-loved bike back? the wife would never understand
  18. Nah, it wasn't a typo.

    I'd happily hand over that hefty sum to find the jerks.

    In the last 6 months I've had my pushbike stolen, the first day I left it chained up at the train station. My car broken into the first week I left it there and my bike stolen the first night I park it in the open.

    $10k might seem like a lot of money for such a small thing, but I'm really sick of having my things stolen after working so hard for them.

    My goal of buying my bike was about the only thing keeping me going at one stage, so for some piece of s**t to help himself to it was the last straw.

    I'll be pressing charges and seeing that he covers all the damage to my bike and then some.
  19. Good Work, glad to hear Bike is back in right hands :)
  20. I understand where you're coming from, on the bike front that is. It's because NSRs are SOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo hot, everyone wants one of their own, yup *nods*

    I was going to make a sick joke about my having stole it :p But I won't.

    It sounds like you're on your way to getting it back, which is nice.