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WA Stolen / missing 2015 Suzuki RMZ 450

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Charliefaye, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. Was stolen by family so police say they can't actually do anything (don't no what to believe) it's on finance for the next 4 years. Have been told so many stories of where it could have ended up but don't know where to start looking or who to contact.

    Yellow & Black -Pink/red Hubs front&back

    Purchased Brand New @ Savage Suzuki Midland.

    On Finance Thru St George

    Chassis # JS1RL42A000513760

    Engine # L405-134329

  2. thats some kind of fcuked up family
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  3. grab the most likely perp
    tie him up and torture him
    then methodically destroy the rest of your family
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  4. Wouldn't there be some form of 'taking without consent' charge on them at the very least and then that would be the basis i would have thought for returning of said property, ... bizarre. if its no longer yours and the police know of its whereabouts, stop paying the loan and let them go after the person with it ? <shrug>
  5. Guessing they're not coming round for xmas this year!
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    if on finance it's supposed to be insured. lodge a claim with your insurer. tell them your suspicions. they will involve the police and you'll get your bike back, or, your loan will be paid out and you can go buy something else.

    that is if you had it insured... and you didn't hand over the keys...

    plod don't want to get involved because they think it's a bs family argument and don't want to have to sort out your family problems. no doubt in similar situations the family member who has the bike will say, 'it's not stolen, he loaned it to me, look, here's the key'.

    if it is security for a loan then make sure you tell your financier and keep making the repayments or your credit rating will suffer. very unusual that a trailie is security for a loan, most financiers will not finance these as they aren't road registered.
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