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[Stolen] Kawasaki KLR 250

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Guvenor_sier, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. Due to the outage my post yesterday was lost so I will just quickly post again. Again, if in wrong section feel free to move it.

    It was stolen between 1100 and 1300 on the 25th of October from the Melbourne University bikepark of Grattan St.

    The bike is a Kawasaki KLR 250, 1988 model. It is mostly red, with a few white panels and has blue grips.

    Distingushing features:

    -Red ammo box on the back that that has two latches on the back to lock the box, and at the time it went missing had 'fragile' tape around it. Mounted via L brackets with holes drilled in rear subframe which would be noticable if the box was removed. There is usualy a bar thing over the back which will not be on it, and also the toolbag that is usualy there will not be either. There is also a bit of red overspray on the rear mudguard

    -Homemade looking windscreen made from plexiglass and held on by 'fragile' tape. Easily removed though.

    -Left mirror different with longer arm, and a very convex mirror on it.

    -Brakeline is braieded and has shrinktube on the part that runs along the fork.

    -Homemade GPS mount on the handle bar that is a thin bit of metal with some silicon tube (easily removable).

    -Numberplate left side tied on with 2 zipties rather than screw.

    -Sidestand has a piece of metal welded on to stop sinking into the ground. It doesn't look profesional at all.

    -Generaly looks like a worn courier bike (not actually used as one though) with scratches here and there and plastic looks worn. Light has a lightguard gaffa taped on (easily removed).

    It also had a KBC Helmet attached to the helmet lock, as well as Alpinestar SP3 gloves and a DriRider Rallycross jacket in the box.

    My friend (Faldron from here) may have seen the person responsible. I arived at 1000 to go to class, and he arived at 1100 where there was a person snooping around and Faldron said that it was my bike. The man said stuff like 'is it for sale?' and 'my bike was stolen two weeks ago' then left. I finished at 1300 and was walking past when I saw Faldron on his bike reading the paper, and he was very confused when he saw me since he though I had ridden off since my bike was no longer there. I had just missed the same man again, who had come back when Faldron was reading the paper and was looking for a keyring or something where my bike was. The man again asked if I wanted to sell the bike, and then left only about 3mins before I got there. The 2nd time he was there he had a dog with him which was medium stocky with a white snout. Then I went reported to uni security and police. The man was aprox 180cm, 70-80kg, 'wavy' shortish light brown hair, 40-45yo, tattoo on left upper arm and looking somewhat boganish.

    It is quite unique looking since many of the mods are homedone. So on the off chance any of you see it could you maybe call the police, email me at smapmehere(at)iinet.net.au or leave a message on/call my mobile on 0419233088.

    Unfortunatly being a dirtbike it is very likley that someone just took it to use on a farm or somethign, but just hope that on the off chance I can find it again.

    Not insured comprehensive since it cost more than the bike was worth.

    (rego is ED 738 since only last week I put a new plate on since the old one got eaten by the wheel)

    I don't know what I will do all holidays after exams now. :(