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Stolen Honda CBR929

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dios, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. My Honda CBR929 wa stolen on thursday 20/4/07 from fairy meadow wollongong.
    Its all black with a scorpion exhaust.
    Licences plate is ULP 88.
    VIN # JH2SC44U1YM000170
    Engine # 2010751
    I didn't have insurance so its a huge loss for me. If any one sees it can they PM or call the cops.
    Hope those bastards who stole it get a hot poker in the eye.
    Damn its back to walking for me.

  2. That sucks, dude!

    I'm usually down there once or twice a week, I'll keep an eye out for ya.
  3. hey man, sorry to hear about your bike. i think my first post (and some other peoples) have been about their bike being stolen also! NR... connecting riders cause their bike was stolen.

    (Now that reminds of the movie 'the ladies man'... if you've seen it you'll know im talking about)
  4. Another one without insurance... I like these posts...
  5. +1

    I feel for you mate, but it's hard to sympathise when you have something of this value and don't insure it.
    I hope you get it back out undamaged.
  6. I love the replies, not as if this bloke will ever come back here.

    They only want to spread their loss as far and as wide as possible.

    Shitty thing to happen though.

    Insurance can be prohibitive though, my SP1 wasn't insured, they wanted $3700 a year and I was rating 1 for ages and still am, until I fix Mr. Percival :(
  7. sorry mate, that's every rider's fear.

    good luck with recovery
  8. Eh, I reckon it's ok.

    It just so happens I noticed a totally black bike with an aftermarket pipe parked in some guy's car-port last weekend on the way back from GF's. It sorta looked out of place, can't explain it, but like "I wouldn't park it there..."

    It's probably not this guy's bike... but I'm going to friggin' check next time I'm down there.
    If I see "ULP88" police will be called etc.
  9. +1 when insurence is 1/3 of the total bike cost u know ur screwed
    a alarm is going into my next good bike
  10. The fairy ghetto not surprising really i wouldnt leave my bike unattended 20 kms either direction of that place.
  11. Yah it sucks not having insurance it was too expensive for me. Looks like my next bike budget will have to include insurance regardless of the cost.
    Fairy meadow sucks I park my bike in a closed garage and it still gets taken. Live and learn.
  12. Third party fire and theft isn't like $2000

    I;m about 385 a year for the abovementioned.
  13. meh
    if you can't afford to insure it, you can't afford it.
  14. :applause: Agreed. Even my crappy little ZX2R has full comp on it.

    P.S. Vic, you were wrong he posted twice haha
  15. Yeah but theres a huge difference between not physically being able to afford it and the premium being too high for it to be worthwhile... Ive never had full comp cause its always been too expensive with the vehicles ive owned. Even though my last car was stolen im still up thousands from not having insurance...

    Ive never owned a vehicle where the annual premium for full comp has been less than 20% of the value... Yet ive never had an accident... Insurance companies = wankers :roll:

    Anyways i hope ya get ya bike back mate ay. Even better i hope you find out who took it. If i ever find out who took my car, ill make sure they never steal anything again :twisted:
  16. not really
    my brother recently bought a skyline - he got a loan of $10,000 to pay for it.
    two weeks later it was stolen. he only insured it for $5000 cause he "couldn't afford the premiums"

    Now he has a) no car b) a loan of $10,000 for something he doesn't have.

    if you do not have the money to replace it if it's stolen then you should insure it. if you can't afford to insure it, ride something you can
  17. :-({|=

    So then get third party fire & theft instead of full comp either way his bike would have been covered in this instance. As far as I am concerned, insurance of some kind is part of the cost of the car/bike. If you cant afford the insurance (full comp OR TPF&T) then you can in actual fact not afford to run the car/bike.

    If you actually need the full comp, then the accident was your fault, which would then lead me to the conclusion that you messed up, which would mean you were "probably" doing something wrong which then sucked in.
  18. Eh... Everyone gets to make their own decisions on what the should or should not do.

    Hell id like to tell everyone on here that keeps crashing to stay off bikes... then maybe i COULD afford insurance. But i cant :(

    Next time your bro might get full comp and not have a drama for 5 years and there gos another 10k down the drain. It goes both ways...

    Even if my bike was stolen tomorrow id still be up on insurance... Sometimes its just not worth it
  19. Firstly how many insurance companies offer fire and theft on bikes? Only one ive found and its 80% what full comp would cost anyway...

    As stated if id always had my vehicles fully insured id be down alot of dollars so im quite happy ive made the right choice...

    Thanks for the violin anyway fcukhead...
  20. Nice abuse there, bud. Anywho... Say you crashed your uninsured bike into a BMW... or say a Mercedes or something of that nature, would you still be up? I am thinking more a long the lines of a LOT down.