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STOLEN! Honda CBR600, Erskineville, Sydney

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by dc, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. Some low-life scum has nicked my gf's Honda CBR600 from the street outside our house!

    Happened sometime between 10pm Thu 13th and 8am Fri 14th in Erskineville.

    Bike was parked with cover and disc lock on it and it's all not there now! I'm guessing a couple of c*nts have come with a van and lifted the whole lot.

    2001 CBR600F4i Red/ Black
    Rego: JOJ08

    If anyone saw anything or sees the bike or has any info pls message/ email me/ post here...
  2. DAMN that SUCKS!!! :evil: :evil:
    Hope they catch the lil bastards soon ..
    There is a lesson to be learned, but I wont get into it right now.
  3. I don't think its wise to leave coveted sportsbikes like that parked on the street...

    Really hope it was insured!
  4. On the plus side, your GF doesn't have a faster bike than you, anymore...

    :roll: :oops:
    sry, I'll definitely keep an eye out.
  5. Yeah, insured, wouldn't park on street otherwise. Don't have a choice if you don't have a garage or yard really.

    Just don't understand the audacity of someone taking it from a residential street in plain sight... disclock-alarm, immobiliser etc. Presume it's just been lifted straight into a van.

    Doubt we'll see it again as it's not like some joyrider's hotwired it and gone for a spin.

    Just hope the insurance co. don't mess us around.

    Anyone got exp/ knowledge about CGU claims?
  6. Waaaaaaaaa.... Whats the lesson?
    Sleep with bike?
    Drag into house?
    Tie dog next to it?
  7. Didn't know he had no garage or yard .. but YES I'd be sleeping with it :p
  8. Sorry to hear about your g/f's bike being stolen :cry: Scumbags need castrating. I'll keep an eye out all the same
  9. bastards! :evil: ...sorry to hear that happened. :(
  10. Easily done bud.. in seconds

  11. i was suprised how many bikes i saw parked on the street in erski amongst the maze of tiny roads there. most of the houses there dont have a garage i suppose.

    sux that it got stolen by those scum, sorry to hear about it.