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VIC stolen hayabusa

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by rubenastley, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, a mate of mines dad got his hayabusa stolen straight from his garage.
    This was stolen sometime on friday in the western suburb of sunshine(aka scumshine) in victoria. Please if anyone notices this bike on the road or maybe a influx of hayabusa parts for cheap then please PM me

    here is a picture of the bike

  2. Its not as if they can hide that one,

    The colour makes it stand out for a start,
  3. I live in Scumshine, I'll keep an eye out.

    Can you get the VIN Number?
  4. Hope you can recover the bike in good nick and catch the scumbags that stole it. Good luck.
  5. That's a bike that would stick out at you.. definitely.
    I hope he had insurance.
  6. Not sure if this has already been posted but the good news is that this bike was recovered.
    The fckbags had painted it silver WITH A PAINTBRUSH but the guy got it back.

    At least there is one happy ending.
  7. you little ripper!! congrats on the find!!! Did they get the scumbags?
  8. And more importantly has anyone yet painted them in silver.
    Molten solder is easily brushable :demon:
  9. Dude , I like your style lol
  10. My first thought (flame on) was they did him a favour.
  11. Not my bike but the story goes that the bike was on the back of a stolen ute towing a stolen boat out to the regional HQ of a certain organisation who is only interested in riding and comradery by a gentleman who prefers needles to glasses. Not sure of the outcome of the legal side.
  12. Unlucky (to have it stolen), Lucky (to get it back) but Unlucky (they fu**ed it up).
    It would appear that the thieves elevator didn't quite go all the way up to the top floor....painting it silver with a paintbrush ?.
    Hopefully he can fix it up cheaply...
  13. I will ask if he minds me posting a pic. He has had it resprayed and it looks better than ever. They shredded his rear tyre but it doesn't sound like there was any engine damage.
  14. Man I empathise, I bet they thrashed it too.... damn !#@# pisses me of f just thinking about it.