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NSW Stolen - GSXR750 K3

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Binda, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. Yes a much beloved mate and track buddy was taken in the night from my lock up garage. The bastards broke in and probably broke the ignition to get it moving as the steering was locked. They knew what they wanted because nothing else was taken.

    Stolen from Northmead
    Rego QLN29


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  2. bastards!!!!!
  3. have you got the vin# ? and registered it with the police as stolen?
  4. pure scum .i had a bike taken last week too,these wankers need old skool torture!and somescum breeds scum and our legal system here is shite,hence they know they will prob never be caught...woops gettin a little carried away,but ya know what i mean.....one works hard to buy valued possessions nd some lowlife...woops ok nuf said..
  5. Most scum just use skateboards under the front wheel. Lean it back on its stand and slide the board under the front wheel. Click neutral and their gone.
    All mine are locked in the garage. Then chained together with a screaming lock hidden on the chain.
    Good thing those screaming locks. Best $120 I ever spent.
    Sorry for your loss bud. I hope you were insured.
    Scum of the earth...thieves.
  6. excuse my ignorance but do they break them down to sell as parts ?
  7. Yes. Small time scrap /wreckers cannot afford to buy whole bikes from the auctions so they rely on people stealing shit.