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VIC Stolen GSXR750 2002 K2

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by NeilChristian3, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. #1 NeilChristian3, Jan 17, 2015
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2015
    My baby was stolen last thursday night from near Monash uni area.

    It is black & yellow, very rare colour scheme, with the "R" being in red.

    Rego was DI235 although im sure the idiots have changed it by now.

    If you see it, kick the idiot off it when he is next to a truck.
  2. Sorry to hear. I'm guessing they broke whatever security you had in place? Is there any chance of any CCTV of the scene?
  3. Mate that sucks.....the death penalty is to good for that F##Ker.
  4. Yeah, there was CCTV but watching it seemed like a very organized operation.

    The bike was in an industrial complex, which is abandoned at night. A tow truck drove through the complex at 2200hrs and then at 0000hrs a Toyota van came and was there for less than 2mins and left.

    Very organized, detailed. Looks like a gang that is operating in Melbourne, seems like the tow truck is inconspicuous so it drives around looks for lonely parked bikes and then the van (or perhaps group of vans??) hit the bikes in an organised fashion during the night.

    Its an old 2002 model, not worth more than perhaps $5k on the market...what profit would they actually make of it, i mean $5k for a complex operation like that is certainly not worth it...would love to hear how many others have seen the truck/van combo...
  5. Did you get the rego of the truck or the van?
  6. fcukers , it was insured though wasn't it ?
  7. fcuking arseholes
  8. couldnt get the rego, it was too dark and them drove in with high beams so the contrast was too much for the cameras.

    yea it was insured so its ok. It just hurts that i lost something i truly loved :(

    thanks guys for the support! I hope somebody does something about this guys! This is the time u wish that australia had similar gun laws to america...
  9. don't know about the gun laws mate
    but mandatory castration for bike thieves I would support
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  10. Great a set of upside down forks and triple clamps will be on eBay for me to purchase soon