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VIC Stolen GSXR 750 2008 Ferntree Gully

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Priscilla C, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone,
    Someone stole my boyfriend's bike right from his driveway last night (29th Dec)
    This is all the detail's I've got on it atm:
    Orange and black model, covered in stickers, blue neon lights.
    Rego: GS806
    Any info please let me know!


  2. very sorry to hear the gsxr get stolen from your home. i have the same bike as your boyfreinds and i only live right around the corner . im super paranoid now.
    fingers crossed you find the pricks.

    did you have insurance ??
  3. Yeah he does! Such a horrible thing to happen, you should definitely keep yours out of sight from the road! :)
  4. out of site out of mind i keep telling myself.

    at least he has insurance... but its still a really crap situation to be in.

    you just cant have nice things these days with low life scums around!
  5. Definitely! We've been out looking, but it's hard to be optimistic when you know they're probably tearing it apart to sell the parts.
    Thanks for the support! xx
  6. On a side note. I've got some 08 gsxr forks for sale ;)
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  7. That sucks as it looks like a sweet ride.

    Hope your bf either gets it back in one piece or gets the little buggers that nicked it
  8. The scum bags should have both hands cut off so they won't do it again !!
  9. Thanks for the suggestion! :)
  10. :facepalm: x 2
  11. UPDATE: Bike still not found, but we have heard news that there is a gang of thieves who sit at the cafes at Westfield Knox shopping centre targeting bikes! They then follow the riders to their homes and steal their bikes overnight. Just a warning to anyone who frequents the area!
  12. Hey mine was stolen from scoresby on New Years day. Just got it back. They raided a guy in match am for something else and found 3 bikes there. Check with knox or box hill police.