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Stolen GSXR 1000

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by oz650r, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. GSXR 1000 2007 model red and silver REG FY 498.
    Bike was stolen from Peel St Nth Melbourne at about 5:30am today.
    It will have some damage to the front end after they got the locks off.
    No special fetures except a Micron GP exhaust.

  2. sucks to hear about that. :cry: What kind of locks were protecting the bike? ie. chain, disc brake?
  3. Not good, not good at all :cry:
    Is this your bike, or someone else's. Hope you/they had insurance.
    Disturbing how easily bikes can be stolen.
  4. Bugger! Unfortunately it doesn't sound like joy riders!
    Hope it's insured!
  5. May whoever stole it outlive their children.
  6. I do not know what locks were fitted to it. It is not my bike. It was owned by the copper that lives next door to us at work.

  7. Now theres a bad idea....
  8. I bet this theft gets more attention than the rest. :dance:
  9. yeah i have a feeling THIS bike will be found,quicksmart.
  10. You gotta have balls to steal a cops bike...
    My neighbour is a detective and someone stole his harley out of his garage while they were sleeping :shock:
    But he was sorta asking for it if you ask me cause he leaves the garage open all day every day, even if he goes to the shops its left open. AND guess what they returned and stole other things!!!
  11. Why's that?

    Their bikes are no different to yours or mine eusa_think.

  12. See, now I'm torn.

    On the one hand, I hope that because it was a cop's bike extra resources get thrown into finding the thief and making sure he really really really 'resists arrest'.

    On the other hand, if this cop has ever confiscated someone else's motorcycle under anti-hoon legislation, then this would seem to be poetic justice.

  13. snork_lach. Ktulu

    A little more clearcut for me. When I read OP, I was like snork_skep.
    But when he then disclosed a lil more info, it was more like snork_tanz.
  14. Umm because! They're a cop, he could probably bash the crap of you if he busted ya, or pepper spray. Im not saying he's any different to you or i, cause he's not, except his profession.

    Its sorta like if you would you steal a huge Tonga/Samoan's bike? Its that little extra risk added then stealing a white computer nerd's CBR125 :LOL:
  15. It aint nothing like days of yesteryear when thugs in the police force
    ran rampant. Profession counts for shit these days.

    You've got more to worry about stealing from an black brother than
    you'll ever have from a pig.
  16. stealing a cop bike.. fark...

    on a separate note, i wonder if the copper ever took his bike out for a rang on public roads, over the limit etc...
  17. yeah what's a cop doing riding a completely socially irresponsible hoon machine like that anyway?