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Stolen GSXR 1000 Melbourne - Recovered - Written off

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lotus7, May 26, 2008.

  1. I'm posting on Andrew's behalf as he has just been burgled and has no computers left in the house to post on.

    During the firesale the motorbike was taken as well. Its a Suzuki GSXR 1000 K6 Black and has a distinctive under-seat exhaust, a clack bagster tank cover (leather), tinted screen, rego <removed> , stolen between 7:30am and 6:00pm 26/5/2008, bastards also took helmet and gloves. May have plaster markings on the side of bike due to careless removal from house. Any leads welcome. Please call Andrew on <removed>.

    With any luck they are a statistic having never ridden a 1L bike before.

    Apologies if this in the wrong area, please move to the correct area.
  2. May they be slowly sodomised to death with the wide end of a cricket bat.
  3. ^^^^
    what he said :evil: :evil: :evil:
  4. lucky it was only a suzuki... :bolt:

    :p :p :p
  5. It was comprehensively insured, of course, including the value of the modifications?
  6. F*ck Andy, bad luck.
  7. fcuking scum. If they get caught they need their hands smashed with a hammer, then try picking up stuff that isn't theirs.

  8. no they should have their fingers lopped off one by one triad style :twisted:
  9. sorry to hear, why not put a word out in the hospitals, a good chance they might of crashed it and ended up in hospital.

    *hint* u can hospitalize them again.. its not a crime as they are already injured.. :) ... "he fell off the bed"

    but on the serious note.. good luck on the finding.
  10. Thats very bad news. I doubt its been ridden at the moment though, more likely in a million parts by now. Bugger. I hope it was insured.
  11. Insured

    Thanks for the words of woe for the thieves.

    Bike was comprehensively insured, that said there is a reasonable loss due to excess + rego (just renewed last month!). Hoping the bastards crashed so we can get a lead on the rest of the property - suffice it to say I have a newly decorated house (I think they were going for the 'stark and bare' approach).

    Will have to see what we can do with insurance, suspect more reaming to follow. Such is life. Still, if we could find the blokes involved some natural justice would provide a great degree of satisfaction...
  12. Very sorry to hear :( I especially like the k6 Gixxer thous...

    I don't get these stupid thieves. Why on earth would you do something so hurtful to another rider, when it would obviously tear you apart if it happened to you? :cry:
  13. Ok, I'II bite......

    Who'd want to steal a Honda??? :p :LOL:
  14. F*cking low life scum bags! Seriously where do they get off stealing sh!t that other people have worked hard to get!

    Put an add on eBay for it stating that it has been stolen and offer a reward. Also do the same on bikesales and trading post.

    Tell Andy I wish him luck in finding his bike! Lets hope no1 else has to go through the same thing...
  15. ... a suzuki owner ?
  16. Re: Insured

    Someone else could confirm if it is correct or not, but I was under the impression you can get the remaining rego paid back to you if you cancel it? If you paid it recently, you should get virtually all of it back... :?:

    (and that should give you the cash to pay the excess :grin: )
  17. With wasabi smeared on it of course.
  18. Re: Insured

    My thoughts exactly..

    I think spending much effort in to finding it would be wasted, use all the effort to get the insurance kicking over and getting a new one.. Life goes on.
  19. Im 90% sure that you have to hand in the plates and the rego sticker to get FULLY reimburssed!

    Don't know if its the same with stolen vehicles!
  20. Im 90% sure that you have to hand in the plates and the rego sticker to get FULLY reimburssed!

    Don't know if its the same with stolen vehicles!