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Stolen GPX250, Please Help

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Ziggi, May 7, 2005.

  1. My motorbike was stolen at about 13:00 on Tuesday 3rd May from Crn Elizabeth and Latrobe Streets in Melb City while I was at Uni. As I don’t have any insurance I am very eager to get it back.

    If anyone has any information, has seen it or bought it please contact the Melbourne Police on 92476491.

    It was a 2002 Yellow and Purple Kawasaki GPX 250 with Chrome Megacycles custom Exhausts on both sides, it doesn’t sound like a regular 250, had around 22500kms.
    Number Plate BJ785
    Engine NO EX250EE179617
    SN 0125225
    VIN NO JKAEXMF192A090698

    Thanks Heaps

  2. will print out your details and keep them on me and keep an eye out .
  3. also stick up a picture (link) so people can see it
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  5. Wow Zig thats a mad looking gpx! I hope you get it back
  6. Nice bike, pity about you misplacing it. Thats a pretty busy corner so I'd be surprised if no one saw anything. Perhaps a sign on a post near where the bike was might trigger someones memories, the shops nearby etc. Worth a try. You might at least find out how it was taken (trailered, ridden off etc.) and prevent the same fate for another bike in the area. Hope is wasn't one of the nearby retailers looking for parts!
  7. Bugger about your bike :(

    I'll keep an eye out in my travels.

  8. does anyone have any theories as to why someone would steal a 250 GPX instead of the Kawasaki 1000 or a Ducati Monster that were on either sides??

    just doesnt really make sense to me. why go through the danger of being locked up for a damn 250??????????
  9. Why do they steal anyting, maybe they have or have had a gpx and know how to start it quickly.

    Or their just honest thieves who haven't got a licence for the bigger bikes(just a little Joke) assholes are assholes will keep an eye out for ya.
  10. Did you have any security on it. Disc lock, chain, alarm. The others may not have been an easy target.
  11. keys left in the ignition? i dunno.

    i'm in the city every day so I'll keep an eye out for you! is there any chance it was "towed" for being parked in a bad spot?
  12. i still have the keys with me.
    if it was towed the cops would've known when i filed the report.
    ive been parking there as do other bikes for 3 months now.
    i know that i didnt have insurance (i had a choice between paying for that or paying for school, i chose school).
    i didnt have any lock on it other than the steering lock, which would make the bike go in circles.
    Next time i'll do it differently, but dont pay me out.
    I just want to try to find my bike instead of doing nothing.
  13. No ones paying you out, just answering your questions and trying to provide some insight as to why it might have happened.
    The reality of the situation is that you will be doing more work than the cops on tyring to find or recover the bike. Unfortunatly I'd start saving for the next one, learn and move on. Meanwhile a large number of people will know to be on the lookout for a bright yellow Kwaka with Megacycle pipes. Good luck
  14. damn that sucks then.. not sure what you can do besides putting the word out - I doubt someone would ride around on a stolen flouro yellow GPX.

    hope it turns up!

    elizabeth and latrobe... you dont go to rmit do you?
  15. sorry guys, im just a little shitty about the whole situation coz i still owe money on it.
    thanks for your help.
  16. Not to many yellow bikes out there and a yellow gpx will be easily spotted . Unless of course its now a canoe . Because of the colour the odds r in ur favour . Will keep my eyes opened when riding.
  17. There are allot of security cameras in the city have you had a look round to see if any are pointing where your bike was?
  18. I'll keep my eye out.. easy to spot a yellow GPX... not many chopshops would want a GPX so most probably hoons...

    Are there any other "special" ways of indentyfing it?? eg. schratch or sticker??
  19. the main indetifiable things are the Chrome Exhausts, they REALLY stand out on that bike, it also had a Polish Flag sticker with an eagle on the back of it. It's a 250 that sounds like a 1000, so in that matter its really Noticable.
  20. Hey Adelaide guys !!!!

    Just 'cause it was stolen in Melbourne, doesn't mean it couldn't turn up here.

    We'll keep a lookout over here for you.