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Stolen GPX250 from Flinders Lane

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by Pommyman, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    Sadly, riding in to work instead of driving and instead of parking in our secure park as it's a pain to get out of after 7PM, I parked out on Flinders Lane (just after 333 Collins heading toward Queen ST), and went to find my little baby gone!

    It has been reported stolen to the police but if anyone saw anything or sees it please let me know.

    Red Kawasaki GPX250 2007
    Reg: FH-076

    Stock standard, nothing really of note to make it stand out.

    It was parked at 6:45am, I checked it at around 1PM and it was there OK, but come 7:05PM when I went to leave - gone.

    Ahh the fun of insurance claiming now begins!



  2. Dude! :( My heart goes out to ya!!
    I usually park down there too (Flinders Lane bet Elizabeth and Queen, near Bond st!) I guess they can't really life up MY bike and shove it in the back of a truck!
    Commiserations again!
  3. bastards
  4. Dude sorry to hear that mate.
    Have you checked with the local council too see if they didnt take it away because some council boffin thought it to be parked illegal? Stranger things have happened.
    Maybe a lager picture to show the Melb guys to keep an eye for it.
    Also i wasnt aware that there is a market for 250cc bikes i always thought it to be harleys,and the R1's and alike.
    Good luck with your hunt.
  5. Sorry to hear the news about your bike Peter. I hope karma catches up with the lowlife/s that took it.
  6. Bro, you've made me re-think where I park! I park there and would HATE to walk out after work to find it gone!!! Underground Secure parking AND a Chain & Alarm!

    Hope you've had some luck since!

  7. Purint up some notices and put them into all the letterboxes, shops etc in the vicinity.
  8. Flinders Lane seems to a a happy hunting ground for bike thieves.

    OP, go the the police station in person and request (insist) that they send YOU a copy of the police report. Pay for it if necessary. Get the name of the officer who originally took the report, get the incident number (and sub incident number) and don't lose them because there is a 90% chance the cops WILL!

    Pass all this on to the insurance company or their investigator ASAP. Best of luck - you'll need it.
  9. People check your dates.

    It was stolen 6 months ago. He's probably been paid out and upgraded.

    Move along nothing to see here.........