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Stolen FZR250 (North Carlton) - have you seen this bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by davey_charlie, Mar 16, 2009.

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  1. Went to go to uni this morning and my fzr250 has been stolen from our lock up garage..f**kin thieves 15/3/09

    only had the bike a few weeks, without insurance

    Is is a red and white fzr250 with malboro fairings, black rims & a yoshimura rs-3 exhaust

    rego is FT114

    Taken from North Carlton Victoria. if Any one has any info or has seen it please pm me or call 0438985206 thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated


    Mod: edited all caps heading, included suburb and bike model
  2. Ef'n' 'ell. That's too close for comfort! From a lockup garage? Must have been stalking you, mate.
    I'll keep an eye out. What time of day do you reckon - overnight or could it have been a daytime job?
  3. it was a apartment lock up garage with about 20 other cars. bits of snipped wires on the ground where it was + helmet and gloves are gone aswell.

    it was between 11.30pm last night and 8.00am this morning

    some guy window got smashed and his garage opener taken aswell. hopefully they get some prints and get these f**kers
  4. Probably someone who lives in the unit or has visited the place, how would they know its there, also check your mates and their mates, most thefts are from people that know you or know about you, doesn’t sound random being in a security block. I got mine chained from the frame to the cement floor and have the added bonus of a new r1 in the same building (without a chain)

    I've seen FZR250's going for a little over $1k why would someone waste their time going for small change, must be a stupid thief

    might even be the guy you got it from
  5. yeah there was a vespa in the garage that was probably more expensive than my fzr. just hope they find it, ive only had it for a few weeks. they might get some finger prints if im lucky. the thief knew what he was doing there is cut wires on the ground where it was sitting
  6. Sorry to hear that buddy.

    The only thing that a secure parking provides is a sense of security.
    I've had my old scooter stolen from a secure parking before. and it was at a secure parking that you need a card to get IN and OUT. Most other places I've seen have switches that allow anyone to exit without garage openers or cards.

    FZRs are pretty rare. they look like CBR and ZXR of that era at first glance.
    The deltabox print is a most distinct mark, as well as the paint work. If it is on the road. We will be able to identify it.

    This feels like a thef of opportunity. They could have just broken in and stole wat they could find. They might not have a truck to cart it away. I suggest that you walk around your place to see if they dump it nearby.

    Good luck
  7. thanks mate. it looks like they have hot wired it. i had the helmet and gloves on the pillion peg so i think they rode it away. im devo :cry:
  8. what wires, from the ignition or did you have it chained, did the thief ride away on the bike? why didnt you buy some small security like a u lock or disc lock
  9. yeah i had planned to get a leather jacket and a disk lock today.... :(
    do u think its worth calling up some melb wreckers to call me if some one comes in trying to sell it?

    they were ignition wires and abit of electrial tape
  10. secure parking is a myth, I learnt the hard way. For months in the early 90's I parked my car on the street near Kings Cross and left it for months on end (I am in the Navy so we were away alot) I then got an appartment over the road from were i parked it all the time with a secure carpark and the first time i went away the car was stolen out of the carpark. All a secure carpark really does is give a false sense of security, and allow the thieving scum more time to steal what they want as they know that there is less chance of someone walking by. Having said that I feel for your loss mate and hope the thieving scum are found and you get your bike back.

    "now looking at how secure the VFR is in the garage"
  11. Yeah the FZR250 is worth a bit because its a sporty learner bike.

    Having said that, it won't be able to be reregistered assuming you report it as stolen. So unless its illegally smuggled out of the country, I can't see what its worth (other than parts).

    The best thing that could happen is the thief palms it off to some buyer who hasn't done their homework, and the police take it off the buyer when they try to register it. This exact thing happened to a mate of mine who accidentally bought a stolen FZR250. He lost $4k that way...
  12. yeah im crossing my fingers that it will turn up somewhere in the next few weeks :cry:
    gotta catch the tram to uni now which sucks
  13. Ive got an FZR250, before today I took comfort in the fact the it wouldn't be worth anyone's time to nick off with it.

    I got to say, your looks heaps cleaner than mine though.
  14. thanks for the replies, keep your eyes peeled
  15. Sorry for the loss. How did they get into the secure car park in the first place?
  16. Also ask them if anyone has bought
    1) a wrecked model similar to yours (they may be trying a rebirth)
    2) ignition lock; or
    3) if some one has come in looking for parts for a crashed bike.

    If someone has then let the cops know and they can then ask for the full details from the wreckers.

    Unless you really push the cops hard it will just sit in the too hard basket - if you do some private detective work then pass it on to the cops if you hear anything then you might get somewhere.

    Print up some sheets with a picture of the bike (and a reward of $100 or so) and put it in every letterbox in the street and deliver a copy to every wrecker and Yamaha dealer around. You've got nothing to lose.
  17. thanks, either through the door in the big opening garage door which you can only open from the inside or the roof :cry:
  18. Mate to me it sounds very fishy. Someone knew you had that bike there. it could be either a mate of a fellow resident. Is there any survellance cameras? go to the nearest servo or a servo in the vecinity and see if someone stopped maybe to get fuel or something?

    If they hot wired it then its someone who knows bike and i think they grabbed the bike for parts. Are any of the other residence into motorbikes that you know of or any of there mates who comes there on a bike?

    Your bike was targeted for a reason not just by chance someone sees a door open and happens to have tools to hotwire a bike.. Seems way to fishy
  19. nah no one rides bikes that im aware of in this complex, only one old fella who rides a vespa.
    im taking the advice and putting out some flyers into mail boxes.
    i'l go and ask a couple of servos cas it didnt have much fuel in it,
  20. Are there any younger people that live in the complex? between 17 - 30 age group? could be one of their mates?
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