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Stolen FZR 250 RR Melbourne

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by davey_charlie, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. moving my old topic


    only had the bike for 2 weeks, without insurance

    Is is a red and white fzr250 with malboro fairings, black rims & a yoshimura rs-3 exhaust

    rego is FT114

    Taken from rathdowne street, North Carlton Victoria between 11pm - 8am march 15th 2009. if Any one has any info or has seen it please pm me or call 0438985206 thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated

    offering $1000 for any info leading up to the return

  2. poor bloke. looks like a nice bike too. saw this thread ages ago but havent seen it. best of luck
  3. wow must worth alot to you to offer $1000 for a $3000 bike
  4. 18 1/2 thousand RPM redline!? That thing has got to be a riot to ride. I hope you get it back!
  5. Hey guys it's been recovered, just picked it up in moe impound yard. It's in pretty bad condition though I will post pics tonight
  6. glad to see its back. yeah post picks.. hopefully its not too bad and can be repaired..
  7. rider was pursued and caught

    bike is pretty stuffed, engine still runs, frame is straight and still has compliance plate

  8. Good to hear you got it back mate shame about the damge
    Why anyonr would steal a 250 is beyond me
  9. wow thats great you got it back. It is a shame what they did to it, but it gives me hope my fzr may one day turn up. Make it a project and restore that bad boy!
  10. how far away from your home did the cops find the burglar?
  11. STREETFIGHTER!!!!!!!!!

    You know you want to
  12. ^^ I'm with stupid!
  13. haha yeah its going to be a street fighter with a massive rear sprocket, in the process of fixing it up.
    well the guy they caught only was done for possession because he claimed he bought it, the guy who stole it was not caught
  14. Is it BURNT?!
  15. That's really harsh! At least you have it though. Will make a mean streetfighter as well too!