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VIC STOLEN: FZR 250 3LN3 Virgin Sceme

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Sheeth, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. This is a message from my brother.
    Hi everyone.
    My FZR250 was stolen on Wednesday the 15th of September between 3:30PM and 5:00 PM. It was parked in front of Box Hill Tafe on 1001 Whitehorse rd Box Hill Victoria. As you can the bike has a very distinctive Virgin Mobile colour sceme, and white wheels.
    This bike was my pride and joy and I had built it baisically from the frame up.

    I would greatly appreciate everyone just keeping an eye out for the bike, as it is very distinctive, and contact me ASAP if you see anything or have any information.

    Reward offered. Thanks for your time,

    Jarrad. 0414704638
  2. I know the area, i'll keep an eye out for it. Was there any security on the bike when it was stolen? Disc lock, chain etc?
  3. Hi colourclassic thank you for your reply, at the time there was no real security device other than the bike's steering lock. In heinseight I should have had the bike chained down, But I didnt imagine it happening on a main road in Broad daylight. Lesson learnt.
  4. Need Pics
  5. That sucks, so bloody brazen to nick such a conspicuous bike from such a conspicuous location. When I get around to upgrading, my new ride will have a GPS tracker for sure. Condolences to your bro, Sheeth.
  6. can i ask why the virgin mobile branding? employee? sponsor?

    hope it gets found - but who thinks to chain their bike down every time you park like that. Seconded the idea of a locating style beacon... but where can you buy them from?
  7. eBay ... where else? :p Something like this would do the trick.
  8. Lol everyone asks about the Virgin sceme, It was just a paint job they did on a run of bikes when they were imported from japan, probably to look like race bikes with sponsorship
  9. Bahhh.... just checked this from home, I see pics now, work IT filter blocking them...

    Good luck with it...
  10. Just checked out he little GPS tracker - cool. Seems like $90 well spent.
  11. Such a great little bike this was, such a shame.

    Keep an eye out guys - couldn't be too far!
  12. Yeah hi there, Ive seen this, thanks for looking out but it is not my bike. My fairings were ratty, engine cover scratched, braided brake lines (red) and red rear caliper. I doubt they'd repair the fairing and then repaint them exactly the same. i had aftermarket pipe too. Thanks very much dude i appreciate it.
  13. ahhh, fair enough, it seemed a bit weird that they'd post it on a site like bikesales anyway lol

    good luck with the search
  14. I saw one today, but didn't get the Rego. It was about 0855hrs waiting to pull out of the road where Vicroads is located on Burwood Highway.

    I was in the car, so couldn't stop, but will keep an eye out.
  15. I find it surprising that anyone would steal a bike with such unique paint job

    In thinking of this, whoever stole it probably thought the same, and would have painted it with a fairly ordinary colour.

    So while everyone is on the lookout for a red Virgin Mobile FZR250, the thief is riding around on a black FZR250, or they are selling one, cheap

    I would have been looking at every single FZR250 on bikesales/bikepoint/trading post, especially any very cheap ones. The rego is the thing they cant change, and what people should be looking for. Also, they probably wouldnt have painted the white rims...maybe

    [edit]just a thought, may not be true. And I do hope you find it. Good luck
  16. Very strange! If it was coming out of vic roads I'd be very surprised if it was the same one, unless they've done some sort of dodgy on the VIN number and everything. Still! Doesnt really make sense!

    Thats a very good point mate, we've been thinking this also. Its lucky we know the bike so well, if anything like this has happened if we can get close and have a look we'll know strait away.

    We thought we might have found it on gumtree. There was an add with no picture and it was 800 bucks! Still, no cigar so far

    Thanks everyone for keeping an eye out. If we do find if we can have some good netrider team fun kicking the living shit out of whoever was responsible haha :angel: