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Stolen FLIPR plate

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Flipper, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. Just noticed my number plate has been pinched from my bike :evil: :evil:
    Red Vic plate with FLIPR on it. I have reported it stolen.
    Can people please keep an eye out for it. Was stolen from home in Mulgrave between about 10:30pm last night and 3pm today.

  2. Bugger about the plate Debs :(

    They obviously know a bit about bikes as they left the Suzuki behind :p

    j/k don't shoot me :LOL:
  3. Hahahaah, classic. Hang on, aren't you about to have 2 of them Suzuki's in your garage? :p

    It's fairly unmistakable Deb .. will keep an eye out for it. And if I do see it, I'll have to remember to grab the rider the rider around the neck, rather than a little lower :LOL:
  4. what would someone else want with such an obvious plate? feckin wankers!
    i hope it doesnt cause too much of a headache for you :(
  5. Who knows Joel :roll:
    Will cost $75 for a replacement, not happy about that, especially with Rego due next week :evil:
    Cops said that I can still ride it without a plate, so not soo bad.
  6. Wow. What a great way to avoid speeding fines from static speed cameras!

    "It wasn't me - remember - I had reported my plate as stolen - haven't you guys caught the thieving prick yet!"

    Nice one! :-$
  7. i think your on 2 something hear stew. now whats the no. for the poo-lice
  8. I would suggest maybe getting that funky underwater megaphone they used to use to call the flip. You remember the one, they stuck it underwater, looked like a megaphone, with a handle on the side they cranked :roll:
  9. Bugger deb. Any chance it could have just fallen off? I imagine a plate like that would just go in the pool room anyway.
  10. Yikes! I'll be on the lookout for it. How stupid for thieves to nick that plate as it's pretty noticeable unless they wanted it for trophy.
  11. Thats what I was thinking. You know where I park the bike and you can't see it from the street so they obviously knew what they were after :roll:

    rs, It wouldn't have fallen off, I only cleaned the bike yesterday and all the bolts were nice and tight :)

    I'll wait till the end of next week b4 ordering a new one just in case it does turn up.
  12. It's probably been knocked off. Usually, if something is about to fall off, you'd notice it being loose, like when you were cleaning the bike.

    Number plate theft has increased exponentially in recent times. Toll avoidance, traffic camera avoidence, petrol station driveoffs as fuel prices rocket have all contributed to this.

    Apparently when a car has a plate stolen it's only generally reported as "lost" if one of them is knocked off. But if both are then Vicroads treats it as stolen and puts out the usual alerts.

    With your next plate, drill an extra hole or two in it and use a couple of non-releasable cable ties to further secure it. They don't come loose from vibration and it's one extra thing that any potential thief has to deal with in order to get the plate.

    In the meantime if you start getting fines or letters in the mail then you can confirm the stolen theory, I s'pose. Just hope that Vicroads or the police don't give you a hard time over it. Been a few cases where people have been fined because of stolen plates being photo'ed and the TCO not believing the victim and harassing them to pay up.
  13. That sucks. I've got a mate with MULLET plates on his ute. Some bastard stole his front one. As with yours, it would have just been a trophy hunter. It'll be hanging on some kid's wall as we speak.

    F*ck I hate thieves. :mad:
  14. Thanx mjt, I'll grab some cable ties when I get it replaced.
    I have already put the police report in and they said it should get to me by Tuesday. They also said they would check the system to see if the plate has been used for anything illegal and if it had, they would get back to me.
  15. Man that is not good, getting your plate stolen,

    Do you know if you will get the same FLIPR back, or do they have to issue with something new?

    I know a mate that had his car plates stolen, Big Parramatta Eels Fan.. :)

    I think he had to get new letters... :(
  16. Taken from TAC web Site -
    Going by that, I should be able to get FLIPR back. If not, might have to change the I to a 1, which will suck :(
  17. Ahh deb, sorry to hear about the plate going missing due to someones light fingers. Hope it doesn't cause to many dramas.
  18. Hey Deb,

    Sucks to hear about the loss of FLIPR, but I got some one way number plate screws for you today from the police at the HART ride for life day at Kilsyth.

    These screws can be screwed in using a large flat blade screwdriver but can not be unscrewed with a normal screwdriver =; If you need to take your number plate off, the only way to unscrew it is to go to your local cop shop who have the tool to undo these screws... I'm sure these tools will be obtainable as almost anything is that's not meant to be, but atleast your average neighborhood thug won't have one of these and won't be able to get your plate off without destroying it with some tinsnips or the like...

    Will pop over sometime when you're free this week to drop them off to ya & Dave
  19. Why dont you just do the easiest thing and pop-rivet them on. No taking them off then unless they drill it or rip the plate to pieces.