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VIC Stolen DRZ400sm

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by mr_messy, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. My DRZ400sm was stolen last night! Early hours of 11 June 2011.

    It's black with Yoshimura full exhaust system
    Got a little sticker on the front of anime character.
    Reg FR363
    Was taken from the car port in the Mulgrave/wheelershill area

  2. That's gotta suck... DRZ400SM's are so cool.
    I'll keep my eyes peeled for ya.
    Ask the local wreckers if they've had any odd requests, such as an ignition barrel and keys for your model of bike.
    Mate I hope you get the bike back in time, I've seen a stolen then recovered DR650 on drriders that had all kinds of bits missing. :(
  3. mister messy!!!!! noooooooooo!! :( dude that's awful. you've obviously let the cops know etc?
  4. Yea I've let them know.
    Whats gonna suck again is when my parts for the bike arrive :(
    I have fresh tyres
    larger carb
    timing chain and mcct
  5. Wonder what the premium for these are like now.....The amount of these that get stolen is amazing....Hope they find it for you mate before they thrash it too much.....

    Oh and string the bastard's up by the ball's
  6. Such a fun bike. Considering buying another.
  7. do buy another.

    they are too much fun.
  8. just for 3rd party.
    I've learn my lesson.
  9. 3rd party damage only?

    since when does third party not cover theft?
  10. Dunno who mr. messy is with but with Insure My Ride, third party and theft insurance are separate.