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Stolen DRZ-400SM (Sydney, Miranda)

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Romie, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. My bike was stolen at 3.05am from a secured carpark in my block of units today in Miranda, Sydney

    Bike is a 2009 drz400sm
    MRD Racing Full Pipe, has black crap burnt on top of the can and random material from my pants on the exhaust pipe where the header connects to the slipon
    FCR Carb-mx
    K&N Air filter
    3x3 airbox mod, mesh screen has also been removed
    Clarke 15L fueltank with honda fuelcap
    Thumpertalk skidplate
    Zeta shortened brake/clutch levers
    Zeta red armor handguards, right one is slightly damaged from a low speed fall
    Zeta Deflectors, right one is slightly damaaged from a low speed fall
    Carbon fibre frame guards
    Edge tail light with mini halogen blinkers
    Unibiker red alum rad guards
    Dunlop 120/70 Sportsmax Q2 front/Avon Storm 2 Ultra 150/70 rear




    ****s that stole it. Is this an old blue r6? This is the bike the **** came in on but unfortunately I cant get the plates





    If anyone hears/knows anything I have 1000$ reward for information which results in me getting my bike back and even a small bonus for the offenders names and details Pretty depressed about this insured for market value with the mods listed on the policy but I have a feeling I will only get market value back which means close to 3000$ gone Hope the ****s die slow...
  2. That's bad, sorry to hear. The mods you have done alone would be more than the market value.
    Hope your bike gets located in good nick and or culprits also apprehended.
    Good luck.
  3. Thanks, I knew I should of insured it for agreed value which was only an extra 150$ at the time. This sucks balls I hate humanity sometimes. I dont even feel safe buying another bike now.
  4. And the guys that stole it are also riders too that is pathetic.
    Don't worry, you live and learn and now you know for your next bike to ensure to insure for agreed value.
    That's the bad thing about the so called "secure" parking complexes of shared housing which is randoms can go in and out which doesn't really make it secure apart from having a camera. Nothing like having your own garage in your own house.
  5. Wonder if I can cancel the rental policy for this unit now. I dont want to buy another bike if the carpark isnt safe. These guys made it look pretty easy.
  6. You might want to start looking into security devices such as these for your next bike. BGW, MM, RZ.
  7. Terrible news, feel for you...
    I'm in the area so will keep my eyes peeled - hoping to get out this arvo...
    Just a thought: seems like they went to some trouble to take yours, when plenty others are unsecured on the street. Do you recall anyone taking a particular interest in recent times?
  8. Thanks I'll look into it when the time comes but I dont think I will be riding any time soon unless my bike gets recovered. I really wish I invested in something like this before...
  9. Don't worry about it, you live and learn. Not sure if it's your first bike but if it was well you were just too excited and happy to be able to ride/bling/mod the thing and didn't think such low lifes existed which unfortunately they do. Whenever you do get a bike I'd get two of those chain/locks and attach one to the front wheel and one to the back just to be on the safe side. When your riding and out just leave the chain/lock wrapped around one of those pillars/post/pole or whatever secure structure there is available.
  10. I will never understand the mentality of these scumbags, I hope you can get some resolution romie.
  11. Nope apart from some truck drivers at work. I think im going to have trust issues with people now.
  12. This bike is out the front of my place at sutherland. Morley Street.

    I have photos of some guys that have push started it on 2 occasions.

    I have contacted the police twice (before checking netrider - I only just logged on to try to notify the owner). On thursday and today. The young people riding it have been coming and going on it. They have made some makeshift repairs to the blinkers since I saw it on thursday so I assume they intend to keep using it.

    There is currenty 3 police cars in our street so I don't know if they will have it towed. more details to follow.. send me a pm for my number if you want it.
  13. Awesome. Well played Al.
  14. The police have currently blocked the spot off, sitting in their car so I assume they will be minding it until it can be towed.

    On thursday at about 12 midday I saw someone ride in on it with no helmet. Then he got off it and jogged up the street. I thought this was sus so I went down to have a look and it was hot wired, tank bashed in, and blinker broken off. I called the police. The police came at about 4:30 and were disinterested and left, I spoke to them briefly but had no more info. A sus looking person rode past on a push bike at about 3:00, he was staring at the bike and is very out of the ordinary here, but obviously looking sus is nothing. Then at 9:30pm the bike was push started by 2 guys and the rider rode off. Due to the police being disinterested earlier and their slow response I did not contact them at this time.

    Fast forward to today. I left home at 9:30am and no bike. I got home at 5:30 and the bike was here. This is when I noticed the rear blinker had been taped back on. I rang the police to report it. They said they'd send a car that didn't arrive. At 6:30 the bike was approached by 1 rider and 1 other person. Shortly after that the bike was push started by that rider and another person. So I got 4 poor photos and went to the police station. After waiting for 2 hours till 8:30 I left a statement and they said the photo's could be anyone. Got home shortly later and the bike was still here, called the police and they came straight away. Currently the police car has blocked the bike in for 45 minutes so they are probably waiting for a tow (3 police cars currently here). In which case you should contact sutherland police to find out what has been done.

    If you had a number up I would call you straight away. The plate is QVU45, that right?

    I wrote that pretty rushed as it has consumed my afternoon already so would like to forget about it. Welcome to come round and find out all the info I have about it. I don't like having bike theives so close to where I live. I'm not writing this for a reward, prefer to help out.
  15. Actually I have been quite pissed for the last couple of days that the police probably didn't contact the owner, and therefore it was left here for 9 hours on thursday and then taken back out. Anyway, thats all from me. The police are taking photo's of the area so perhaps preparing to leave. who knows..

    To the owner, when you read this.. head to morley street at sutherland to see if its still here, otherwise contact sutherland police. The people who stole it have been heading through the park towards belmont street once off the bike...

    Edit: Tow truck just arrived to remove the bike.. Thats all from me for the night.. multiple posts I know.. I was rushed.. good luck. and.. when the police arrived they chased someone on foot.. I don't know what came of this.
  16. dirty fukcers, good work Al
  17. Al Bundy, you're a champion.

    Can't believe how disinterested the cops are - Romie - you HAVE reported your bike stolen, right ?
  18. Well done Al Bundy, Romie where the hell are you? Hope the pricks didnt do any damage to your bike apart from taking it on a few joy rides.
  19. Hotwired, tank bashed in and various indicators etc taped back on - not much in the grand scheme of things I guess, but still, Grrrrrr.
    Again I say, well played Al (y)
  20. ok, so the bike was towed earlier and I just got back from the police station.
    When they chased someone they caught the guy that was push starting the bike on both thursday and today. Another involved person ran to an address that was known to police but the property owner would not let police enter the premises. The person who was caught was wearing a distinctive peice of clothing both times and was wearing it when caught. He is being charged with "using a means of transport" (I can't remember the real wording). When explained in plain english it meant stealing a means of transport with the intent to usie it but not destroy it or stop the owner from having it permanently. I personally don't know if this will stick due to him not being the person riding the bike and never leaving on it. I signed an extensive statement, my poorly taken photos and agreed to go to court.

    I do think there may have been more damage on the bike then I listed earlier, but not too much. It looked like the tank was bashed in to refill the fuel tank. I didn't pay too much attention to other damage as I was more interested in the ignition at the time. The police said they rang the owner and left a message on their message bank.

    This part is all my thoughts only;): I think he turned 18 last december and is being held over night as he is in breach of bail due to being out to late at night. I think he did not live locally to me (sutherland) but his friend lives locally. I think the police know the person they caught and they think he will not tell them anything about the others involved.

    good luck, let me know what the outcome is. I'll let you know if I hear anymore. The things that bring you back to netrider..