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VIC Stolen DR650

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Anna8, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone,
    My DR650 was stolen from my lock up garage on Rathdowne st (near park st) north Carlton over the weekend.
    It has a 25lt acerbis tank, seats concept seat, fmf q4 exhaust, it's completely black (painted), has a gps and holder at the left mirror, gogro mount on the front brake fluid box, bash plate, lowered foot pegs, a split front brake cable. Clearly I've done a lot of mods and put a lot of time and money into this and just want it back!

    If anyone knows anything about this or has seen anything. Please please let me know.

  2. Hi Anna8Anna8 , sorry to hear about you pride-n-joy being lifted by scumbags. Can you include as much extra detail as possible, reg plate no, approx time of theft etc, anything might help. You could also try listing your bike here; http://www.stolenmotorcycleregister.com/ as well as Facebook, DR650 websites etc, try to get the notices out as wide as possible. Even Lost posters on street poles in the area wouldn't be a waste of effort.

    Good luck, and I hope something turns up.

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  3. fcuking scumbags good luck hope it turns up for you
  4. Another bike from that lower Brunswick area... it's a damn hotspot. Sounds like a great bike with all those mods. Bloody scum!
  5. Will keep an open for it, good luck on getting it back.
  6. Thanks Gunissan, good advice.
    The rego is IZ551, it was stolen between Sunday morning and Tuesday lunchtime (22/2-24/2), I was away between those days. It also had a 12V adapter on the handlebars.
    Here's a pic:

  7. Anna you'll need to have made ten posts on Netrider before you can post pictures.
    Can I suggest that you toddle over to the Welcome Lounge and Birthday forum and introduce yourself, and you'll have ten posts up in no time!!!
  8. Still won't let me post picture for some reason... Have done over 10 posts now...
  9. You can't upload/post pictures to here directly from you PC/phone/tablet/iPad etc. if that's what you're attempting to do. You have to load them into a picture hosting site (Photobucket, Smugmug or similar) and then link them into here. I don't know but it may be possible to link out of Facebook if you have an account, or maybe post a link back to your facebook if that works for you.
  10. Farken dogs....

    I despise thieves.
    Sorry to hear about this OP - all riders know how one becomes attached to their bike.
  11. That really sucks, good luck