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Stolen CBR600RR 2005 black/Silver

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by flawed, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. Stolen CBR600 RR 2005 model Black and Silver
    Frame No JH2PC37U25M200403
    Engine No 2324236

    Bought new from Redwing Honda 13.5.2005
    has around 7000klms on it

    fitted with HRC Carbon Look tank protector
    LED indicators
    Micron Exhaust
    Power Bronze crash Knobs
    Mirror Finish Visor
    Rear Seat cowl
    Carbon look instrument cover
    Top Yoke cover

    Stolen from a locked garage in Altona St Kensington Vic 28/12/2006
    fitted with wheel lock

    Any info please call 0414 412473 0249345799 Lynda or 0412 700060 Dan or email us at flawed@aanet.com.au
  2. Bummer dude, i hop the cops find your bike real soon :evil:
  3. That sucks.

    With all these bikes in our area disappearing, I'm starting to get worried.

    I hope you get it back in one piece!
  4. WTF :shock: :shock: :shock: Locked Garage :?: :?: :?:
    Sorry to hear about it... Will keep an eye out for ya.
  5. Well I guess they couldve travelled the 1000+km to Melb by now Cash. :LOL:
  6. Locked garages don't afford much theft protection it seems. Get one of those anchors you can dynabolt to the floor. Maybe that'll stop 'em?
  7. mate, what was the rego number on the bike? passed one last night with a micron exhaust and looked real tidy.... was going the other way in heavy traffic traffic so didn't get a look at the plate.... but will certainly keep an eye out for to and from work.
  8. Ok are you Mods getting over sensitive again???

    Yesterday Flawed's post had the Rego number and a link to a site with pics of the bike, I Also posted with some pics of the bike, today all GONE!

    How about some leniency with the rules when some poor pricks had his wheels stolen.

  9. Could be on the way to your place, MG. :LOL: Mexico..

    Hope you have insurance :?:
  10. don't think it was the same bike after seeing the pics it had chrome decals instead of red.

    cheers stewy
  11. That truly bites.
  12. Dont the 600's have the HISS (honda security) so the bike is pretty useless except for parts... keep an eye out on EBay - Also was the bike insured?
  13. Bike was stolen in Victoria, only the poster lives in NSW
  14. Nope, just yourself.

    The OP posted the same in 2 seperate topics in 2 seperate forums, 4 and a bit hrs apart. Since the OP in new, obviously they're just trolling and hitting every bike site they can find on google and forgotten they'd already been here. One topic was removed, so guess the stuff you refer to was in that. Duplicate topics, for any reason, aren't allowed.

    Brand new poster, personal contact details, no intro ... I think there's more than ample leniency.
  15. Bring a trailor to load up all the bits n pieces of crap. I dont like Honda. :LOL:
  16. The only thing honda's HISS is good for is guaranteeing that they pull your bike to bits before they f$^k it off.
  17. Apolagies mouth, didnt realise this was a completely diferent thread :oops:
  18. STOLEN CBR600RR 2005 Black and Silver

    THankyou everyone for the replies, I've only just had a chance to get back to my computer to see if there were any. Sorry about the double posts, didn't know I wasn't supposed to. I just really want him to get it back, I've tried to get it out there as much as I could.

    Yeah nothing has happened yet, Dan is moving up to Sydney to start at the Reserve Bank in Feb. He sent all his stuff home to us here in Maitland including the bike papers, so I didn't have the frame and engine no until I found the right box. Poor Dan, he bought the bike from Redwing Honda 13.5.2005 $17,837.90 with accessories and no he wasn't insured, he is only 24 and it was too expensive for him.

    That's a big loss for anyone.
    He did have a wheel lock on it but I guess he thought no one could get in the garage as it was a security block of units. They damaged the electronic controller, to gain access. The police came out and dusted it for prints, not sure what's happening with that.
    He moved to the units in Kensington late last year, previously he had put one of those bolts in the ground when he lived in Brunswick.

    I can't believe no one saw anything when it was taken during the day. The guy at Victorian motor cycle wreckers I spoke to said the thieves put a couple of poles through the wheels and that four blokes could then lift it into another vehicle ( 60.00 Kgs each)

    So much for Hiss and wheel locks.

    Frame JH2PC37U25M200403
    engine 2324236
    rego DG 499

    Still hoping for some help with info.

    I am offering a $1000.00 reward to anyone who gives us information that leads to its recovery.

    Thanks, Lynda
  19. Re: STOLEN CBR600RR 2005 Black and Silver

    it wasn't too expensive for him, he was too cheap (and thick) to pay up. the 'it won't happen to me' mentality astounds me. humans must have strong genetic links to lemmings.

    sorry for being something of a prick but i see the 'i couldn't afford insurance for my bike' thread every other week, it makes sense when you're riding a smashed up 250 but an 18k toy is another story.
  20. +1 on that (maybe we should start another thread?) - if you can't afford to insure the bike, you can't afford the bike