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VIC Stolen CBR600F4i Red and Black Reg: BA 872 Northcote

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Brij, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. Hey Folks,
    My baby was stolen sometime Thursday night between 11pm and 8am from outside my house in Northcote.
    Red and Black 01 model, Ventura rack (rack currently not attached), Oxford Grips, Yoshi Pipe, and a tail pack mat over pillion seat.
    Reg BA 872 VIN of the bike is JH2PC35U71M200443 - Engine no. 2242687. To quote a friend, they'd may as well have cut off my legs and ripped out my soul. If you spot him, let me know! I miss my baby!


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  2. Cnuts!!!!!

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  3. Re: Stolen CBR600F4i

  4. Re: Stolen CBR600F4i

    Got insurance?
    Keep on the cops' case - they do get results sometimes. And get the written incident report - do NOT let them fob you off with just the incident number.
  5. Re: Stolen CBR600F4i

    Hey, I'm in Thornbury/Preston and will keep an eye out. Pretty sure I've seen that bike around in the past...
  6. So very sorry to hear this hon, I hope I'm the one that catches them
  7. brij, ill lend you pliers and some rusty scissors...
  8. I have the same bike, same colour, I feel for you mate ... so sorry ...

    I'm just wondering ... and pardon my naivety, but did they by any chance lift it and whisk it away in a van or something? Those things are quite hard to start with the built-in immobiliser, as you need the chipped-key ....

    Insurance too by any chance? Crap ....
  9. Sorry to hear that Brij. I hope it comes back safely in one piece.
  10. Aranciata - yeah, didn't hear anything and no evidence left so think it must have been lifted in to a van. They're getting pretty rare now days. :-(
  11. and still expensive, $4,000 for a 36,000km job on bikesales

    sorry to hear, I know how I'd feel if someone lifted the Hornet, even 6 years and 100,000kms on from when I bought it....
  12. What's getting rare nowadays ... the F4i, or the scum steal method using a van? Not a humorous question I hope, because I did hear of this bloke's Ducati being lifted into a van in broad daylight once outside a busy cafe, as the "owner" gleefully told passers by he lost his keys ....

    As for F4i rarity, well I don't think they're that rare, if anything there's good choice ... I really hope you recover some $ from all this ... and if you do, I'd aim for a 954 replacement ... perhaps something to look forward to? :)
  13. Rumour has it that there's a gang of bike thieves getting around that takes your bike and leaves a kitten behind in it's place.
  14. :eek:hno:
  15. I didn't even get the kitten though damn it!
  16. LMAO your a funny f^%^&er
    (sorry to make light of the subject Brij)