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Stolen CBR125R Newcastle/Lake Macquarie

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by drewzor, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. Recovered

  2. dirty fukkers
  3. Why block out the rego plate? It's all too late now.

    How about some details of when/where etc etc. Might make it a bit more than a thread with just a couple of photos and a shitty video?

    Goz, agree 101%, Bastards!!!
  4. Fscking derro knuts. Only the steering lock securing it?
  5. thought our cbr125s were theft proof..
    what good is it now? hardly a track bike and the parts wouldnt be worth much would they?

    ah well mate, best of luck
  6. recovered
  7. Recovered
  8. Lame man, any idea what you're going to do about the damage? I suppose all you really *need* to replace is the key barrel or whatever it is...
    All that cosmetic damage tho.. otherwise nothing serious?
    Did the cop's find it?
  9. details of recovery?!
  10. I'm surprised someone would want to steal a 125. Isn't your one fairly modified?

    Glad to see you got it back.
  11. where was it found?
  12. story? more info? words? :-s