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Stolen CBR - semi funny story

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kaer, Jun 19, 2005.

  1. About 2 years ago now, my old flatemate got his CBR 250 stolen from outside our place in newtown.

    Fully insured, insurance company paid up with no fuss. Also since he was with NRMA, a stolen vehicle doesn't affect your premiums at all, since it's deemed a not at fault claim.

    Last week he got a letter in the mail stating he went across the harbour bridge without paying the toll.

    Of course he let them know the bike's been stolen for 2 years now.

    He thought it was pretty funny.

    Kinda interesting that someone has been riding around on a stolen bike for 2 years now through the heart of Sydney, and they ain't been caught.

    Oh well.

  2. Sorta gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that the boys in blue are looking out for us so well, doesn't it?
  3. :LOL:

    yeah, warmer and fuzzier still in that they only dug it up when it tried to evade tolls :LOL:
  4. haha :D
  5. well they might pay more attention to it now that it has been spotted.

    I had the plates stolen off my car once...yes just the plates. Cops found some jerk driving a ar with my plates about 3 weeks later. funny thing was that the car matched a desriptiopn for a robbery.

    Now why would anyone just steal the plates?? :roll:
  6. for exactly the reason that they were found, to confuse indentification when a vehicle was planned to be used in the commission of a crime
  7. yes i know......wa trying to be sarcastic.....

    they did go to a lot of trouble for my plates though

    broke into motow wreckers yard
    broke into the garage
    turned on the power
    lowered hoist
    removed plates.

    thing is they went past another 5 cars with plates on em before thay got to mine. My be special i guess
  8. Isn't it nice to be loved???
    Some drongos broke into a technology shop I worked at years ago, and took two $500 faxes and a $300 printer, and left a $12,000 colour laser behind. When I questioned this with the cops, they simply said "Well, if thieves had any brains, they wouldn't be thieves, would they?" It's hard to argue that logic!
  9. yeah sure is.....

    thing that really gripes me is that the cops pulled em over cause i had made report..they know they were stolen .......so they handed em into vic roads for destruction...and i have the pleasure of paying $26 for a new set!!
  10. Welcome to Police State Australia
    When you're in the wrong, you're wrong
    When you're in the right, you're still in the wrong, and you've got to PAY to get back to even!!!
  11. your not kidding.
  12. You should be able to make a claim to have that $26 reimbursed as a 'victim of crime' expense or something... Check with your local cop shop or lawyer.
  13. i know it would suck having to pay the 26 to get your own plates back after you reported them stolen and then the cops destroyed em anyway, but would you really bother wasting more of your time with the same people trying to get 26 dollars back?
  14. victims of crime has a minimum $$ limit...and it is also subject to a third parety syaing yes youa re a vitctim (generalisation)

    so i just paid my $26

    to much red tape to worry about.

    just cheesed off that it was money i didn't have to spend except for incompetant cops!