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Stolen blue Kawasaki ZX636

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by motobloke, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. pls keep your eyes peeled for my friends bike or bits:

    2005 Blue Kawasaki ZX 636 Ninja, NSW plate TTK21,
    VIN: JKBZXJL1154022755, engine no: ZX636DL022464

    Taken from a Mosman, Sydney apartment carpark a few days ago.

    Distraught, hardworking owner Janine P. & her extensive network of numerous friends are keen to catch-up with the bike & scumbags that took it.

    Contact Mosman Police 02 9969 1933 if you have ANY useful info.
    (and to keep the gory violence to a minimum)

  2. One assumes that this device was insured, hmm????
  3. :( That sucks.
  4. Yeah, she had it insured, but it still costs an insued owner heaps in terms of trouble AND effort AND beaurocracy AND finding a replacement AND repairing the salvaged/dumped remains AND on ad nauseum. Then there's the sense of insecurity and threat....
  5. I agree, but then there's always the thrill of the chase and the unexpected enjoyment of buying something new.

    That said, welcome to Netrider, and the company of many vigilant riders; we haven't managed to find a stolen bike by ourselves yet, but one day we will.
  6. Will keep an eye out for it. the 05 matte blue 6r is my dream bike so if one is in my area, won't be long until I sniff it out :grin:
  7. Damn assholes!!
    Hoping you either find the bike, or at least get a decent deal from your Insurance Co.
  8. First time i read it i thought you said "a company of many vigilante riders :twisted: "
  9. Damn! I left off the 'e' :LOL:.

    That really sux - even moreso cos I'm in the area AND my bike has been left in an exposed park AND I have been too lazy to Xena it lately!!!! Must get home tonight and lock it up again!!! Or leave it there and lie in wait with a bat....