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STOLEN - Black Daytona 675

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Azzab, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. My bike was stolen last night, I'm heartbroken. It was locked away under the apartment complex in the secure car park. They have cut through the fence to get in and wheeled it out through the pedestrian door. Definitely premeditated as there were to other bikes downstairs (including my LAMS bike) which were both left untouched and the steering lock was on so there must have been at least two or three of them to half carry it out and put it in a van or on a trailer.

    Its a 2008 model with Arrow exhaust, carbin fibre shroud, black FP levers, tech specs, carbon fibre tank protector, clear LED tail light, foot pegs removed and QLD rego 819DE.

    If anyone can help with any info at all please PM me.
  2. This always sucks. Good luck mate, hope you get it back all in working order.
  3. Insurance????
  4. WTF? Any security cameras there?
  5. Yeah mate but doesnt make it any better. That was my first big bike, only had it 4 months.
  6. violation is too tame a word

    sorry for your loss, mate, you obviously did what you could to secure it :(
  7. Ahhh sorry for your loss bud :(. Always sucks when you work hard for what you have and some scum junkies steal them.... Makes my blood boil.

    Hope you find it mate and they get a good stiff kick in the face.
  8. oh man. that would suck enormously. Sorry for your loss. I hope the perps trip down a flight of stairs and enjoy a slow painful recovery.
  9. I feel your lost mate.
  10. thats f*cked mate, hope you get it back undamaged
  11. It has black FP Racing shorties and tech specs on it now. First pic most current.




  12. Sorry dude, that was a beauty of a bike...

    Apologies if the question regarding insurance was brief, seemed to be a weird pattern lately of un-insured bikes being stolen..
  13. That's an awesome looking bike. But hope everything gets sorted out soon!
  14. Total bastards. That really sucks. Beautiful bike.
  15. Hope you get it back, got insurance though?

    I hate scum like that -.-
  16. WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT?! :( My eyes are peeled (never understood that expression).
  17. What is the world coming to from stealing bikes unreal... I hat f*ckers that do that it's bullsh*t... Really sorry about your bike mate she is a beauty and i hope u get it back...
  18. Absolute joke that people out there do this shit. Was a nice bike, hope it works out well in the end.