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STOLEN - Black 2010 Suzuki DR650SE - Gosford

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by chargedgolf, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Some lowlife scumbag has stolen my 2010 DR650SE from Gosford train station last Thursday between 6.30am & 5pm, it was locked with a krytonite lock to the railing but the lock was cut through by the thief

    It's s standard Black DR650SE with a large scrape on top of the front mudguard. It had Monster Energy decals on the plastics.

    I had fitted a trailtech viper digital clock set so it has no analogue speedo cable.

    The reg plate is QGL63

    Engine Number P409147967

    VIN No. JS1SP46A000513667

    If anyone see's or come accross this then can you call the cops and let me know so that I can get the bat out ready ;-)

    All joking aside I am devastated by this, I only had it serviced at Central Coast Motorcycles on the Monday, Thursday it was stolen. It has only done 3130 kms

    Cityrail say that they have the CCTV so fingers crossed it will show the scumbags in action.....so wish it would turn up.


  2. Welcome to the forums... and sorry for your loss, have you got pictures of the bike? for those around the area.

    and hopefully you have insurance.

    good luck with the recovery...
  3. I'm working down there next week - I'll keep my eyes peeled.
  4. Not casting any aspersions on your service center but I know of two cases recently where friends have had their car serviced and within two weeks the car was stolen, one from off their drive.

    Most likely it was driven away rather than towed and one was found with no damage to the lock so the police theory is a key was cloned at the service center.

    In no way did they think it was the center, but just one dodgy employee is all it takes. I'm not saying this is anything new, or what happened with you but the timing would make me a little suspicious.
  5. I hope you find it soon.
  6. That sucks man. I'm in the area I'll keep a look out, although I suspect its probably in someones shed.. Did you have insurance?

    Hope the CCTV shows something
  7. That's no good. I will keep an eye out up the northern end.
  8. sorry to hear bout the bike, hope you had insurance.