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QLD STOLEN: Black '03 zx6r

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by ninjashaun, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Had my 2003 zx6r ninja stolen from Edens Landing Qld last weekend.

    last seen Thursday 7th July midday before leaving. found missing Saturday 9th 3pm. could have happend thursday night, friday, or sat morning. very tidy break and enter into my home, spare keys were found and now its all missing. dodgy old black/grey/silver HJC helmet with very dark tinted visor was taken also.

    things to stand out;
    completely polished/chromed (when clean) three spoke wheels with pilot power tires, rear tread needed replacing. Rim, spokes and hub all polished, not to be confused with just the outer rim. I've never seen this complete polish on any other bike the whole time i owned mine.

    yoshi pipe. has scratches up the yoshi plate from an accident i had. small dint in the pipe elbow just before if connects to the muffler from when i dropped it in the driveway.

    it has no lower fairings on it at the moment, and with that no front indicators. i just recently serviced it myself and hadnt put them back on yet.

    fuel tank 'kawasaki' stickers feel uneven. right side normal and smooth but left side (when sitting on it) you can feel the lip of the sticker - a repair job from the same accident.

    plastic rear seat cowl had a small chip (half the size of a 5c piece) taken out from when i didnt lock it in properly one time and it flew off while riding and hit the road.

    seat has a tear in the covering, about an inch long, 5mm wide.

    Any one spotted these kind of items could you please contact the police.


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  2. Sorry mate Ifeel for ya
  3. That sucks mate seems black is popular my ktm450 also black stolen Ormeau,probably same mongrels...Hope you get it back..Cheers Tezza.
  4. yep, it sucks. i feel for ya too man. i'm pretty dirty on just about and dodgy lookin person i see walking around now. i know someone knows who took it. whoever has our bikes, their day will come.
  5. I feel your pain having just had my bike stolen too. Hope it all works out for you, cuase it sucks balls big time.

    I am lucky, I got a photo of the guy who stole mine, his helmet and jacket combo is very recognisable, so I will be keeping a good eye out.
  6. Sad, Since im looking for a bike to buy..Ill keep my eyes peeled. If I see it ill give Mr Plod a ring.