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stolen bike

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by tinkerbike, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. Thursday morning i woke to go to work, could feel something missing, it was my bike.

    I live in Newcastle NSW waratah area

    The bike is a purple of such ZZR 250 1993 model, scrapes down the left fairing.

    The clutch lever must have been made with mild steel and had a semi 'C' shape from when it was dropped and bent.

    eng no. EX250EE116931

    vin. JKAEXMH13NA030756

    Although the bike may be gone, its 3.20 am 2 days later, and i cant sleep, best i can think of right now, is to ask to keep an eye out.

    Maybe the moral to the story is the bike that is worth $1500 and is parked in front yard with steering lock on, 1meter from house, is fair game for grots.

    SECURE YOUR BIKE...... i wish i had
  2. mate thats rough,sorry to hear.
    you have showed much restraint as i can think of a few choice words to describe the thief besides 'grots'.
    i hope they get whats coming to them.better still,i hope you get your bike back in one piece.but i guess we shall see. :cry:
  3. Sorry to hear mate. Im due to take delivery of my baby in 4 days... youve reminded me to get an alarm for it. Thanks!
  4. Fark, sorry to hear dude.

    I know its your bike and you loved it, but why would someone steal a zzr250? Its not like they can make much money scraping parts etc.

    F*#king losers.
  5. man, tough luck hey. did you have theft insurance for it? considering what some people said in the 'parts stripped' thread, you might be in for a bit from some forum members.

    tim650: you are assuming that the individuals that do this sort of low down crap actually passed their IQ test. if they were smart, they would have a job to earn their money, not have to spend their time going around nicking other people's pride and joy, so i dont think they really rationalise what they steal.

    for the record, i keep my bike covered, with a disc lock fitted (non alarmed), steering lock on and a 15mm cable lock attached through the forks and around one of the metal supports of our fence. on top of that, where i store it takes about 5 minutes for me to maneuver it into and about 10 to get it back out again (on a good day). i could probably advertise the thing and people would give up getting the bloody thing out.

    Oh, and my neighbour's Akita (japanese fighting dog, around 7 foot tall when on its hind legs) being just a fence paling away and having a decent bark would probably deter someone at night pretty good too.

  6. well, my bike was $3500 and only cost $264 for a 19yo to get 3rd party fire and theft. so i cant see a bike of $1500 value costing more than 200-250 for the same, and that is assuming that tinker is under 20.
  7. Wow its so crowded in here with all the ego floating around.
  8. So you are saying that you wouldnt pay $600 to get $1050 ($1500 less $450 excess) back from an insurance company?
    and going on a $200 premium, which may be high, not knowing the OP's age, and a $450 excess (once again, not knowing age, driving history etc), he would break even after approx 5 years of premiums (5X$200=$1000 + $450 excess = ~$1500), and that is assuming no premium reduction for good driving etc.

    *ACTUALLY* just realised an error in my above logic...

    my $264 premium is for 3rd party & fire and theft insurance. the breakdown was about $200-$210ish for 3rd party and another $50-$60ish for fire and theft on top of that. SO, I am really only paying $50-$60 a year for the fire/theft part.

    SO assuming that fire/theft is a relatively constant addition to a 3rd party insurance policy, AND assuming the OP has 3rd party insurance (coz u'd be crazy not to, no matter how cheap your bike is, it can still cause a decent amount of damage to a Mercedes SLK is a short amount of time), then for the THEFT protection part, you are only paying $50-$60 extra a year, and thus it would take 17-21 years with the same company to break even (17X$60=$1020, 21X$50=$1050, +$450 excess = ~$1500). and this is without factoring in premium reductions.

    So exactly WHY would you not get 3rd party, fire and theft insurance for a $1500 bike again?

    If I am misinterpreting something that you said, let me know and i'll shut up.

    how on earth was i supposed to know that he made this post 3 years before i joined the forum?
  9. I leave my NSR right at the front door of my house at night, but I've just gotten one of them huuuuuge locks to go through my front wheel and then to my tree out the front.
  10. Um no i wouldn't. Its not getting $400 back, its also you have made a claim and it will be on your records, and if your like me insuring with InsureMyRide, they dont insure if youhave made a claim in past 2 years :shock:

    So I wouldn't pay $600 sorry.
  11. insurance, locks, guard dogs, motars... what ever.. why dont we all keep a look out for said bike and not compare insurance premiums. im lucky enough to have a very very secure garage and have the bike behind noisy things to move ( not to mention i dont sleep ) . People who steal ANY bike are assholes as im sure we will agree. lets all bond together and keep our eyes out.. anything is better than nothing.. im sure as shit calling my cousins in newcastle to let them know of said bike..good luck tinkerbike..
  12. thanks fellas for the support.

    for the record i didnt have insurance, not even 3rd party.didnt think it was worth it just under $400 for insurance and $450 excess

    i haveent claimed in 10 yrs, and generally ride sensible, not 1 fine in this time for speeding.

    if u read this do me some favours.

    never buy any stolen stuff.it could be yours 1 day

    buy a lock for your bike. dont take it for granted, grots are everywhere

    get your camera on your phones setup up for quick shot, if you see something suss, take a few shots ie number plate, car etc.
    these shots can be deleted later.

    im prob going overboard but, its my day off and no bike to ride

  13. ISCN = Incorrigable Scourge of Complete Noobs... :LOL:
  14. Decided to help out all those with limited security budget with this thread...


    Check it out if you want a security system that will protect your bike and not break your budget.

    If you get the cheap gear before sold out, you could have 2x chains, locks and ground anchors for $77 :wink:

    you can even protect your POS for that kinda money.
  15. I bought one of these, it's huge and heavy. for 19.95 it's a decent buy.

    it'd take a fair while to cut through it, so would be a deterant if your bike is a POS.
  16. I don't always agree with your posts Kishy - but I do always enjoy them. :wink:
  17. Well if that aint calling the kettle Black.
    Ha Ha!!

  18. talked to kawasaki, they put my details on their database.

    the handle bar lock was on so 2 blokes must have taken bike, they would have had to carry for 10 meters, so the handlebar lock is surely not enough, must be locked down of such.

    kawasaki newc. said a few bikes had been stolen of late 1 had been painted.

    i heard there is a motion thingy going for about $30