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Stolen Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GixxerKid, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. Guys yesterday at 2:24pm my 2003 GSXR600 Blue/White Rego CP-023 was stolen from Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, Albert Park. It had two small cracks in the right fairing and one small crack on the front mud guard, all had black tape over them. The bike had custom flushmount front indicators and small arrow rear indicators. it also had a ozsportsbikes.com sticker on the windscreen. if anyone see`s it around or for sale can they contact 000 or south melbourne police straight away. Im just trying to get the word out as much as possible incase they try and flog it as a stunter or track bike, or in parts.

    Thank you
  2. That blows. I hope it's found for you.

    You might want to PM the Rego to some of the other Melbourne NRs to help out a bit more.
  3. Yah, sorry to hear dude. Being in Sydney I doubt I'll be able to help out, but you might as well post up more details (Vin & chassis numbers are handy), but I reckon if there's as much Gaff on it as you say, then it'd be pretty hard to miss...

    Good luck
  4. That's bad news. I hope it gets found. I went to MSAC last night at 7pm and decided not to take the bike - as i'm a bit paranoid of having it stolen. I can't believe your's was taken in broad daylight - hope the laws of Karma find those responsible. Good Luck
  5. Speak to the people at MSAC and see if you can put up a notice about it. Someone may have seen something in the carpark and may have thought the owner of the bike was picking it up in a ute or similar.
  6. Man that sucks, but I will keep an eye out up here in Sydney. Well any help is good help I guess.
  7. that realily sux
    see if the msac has video survaylence or cctv they may have on film
    work in town will keep an eye out
    hope you find it
  8. Bad luck GixxerKid on the stolen bike. Hope you get it back. Doesn't the MSAC have a lot of security cameras? Probably be worth while asking the security there if they saw who may have taken it.

    I just want to know if you had a disc lock on the bike. These days I'm starting to think more and more if putting my disc lock does anything at all.
  9. Sounds like you could have used one of Ktulu's Bike Security Products!

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  10. Im a manager at msac, and the police have solid video footage of the two guys that took it and the car they arrived in, the police are looking to see if they can get a rego from the footage. I also have a witness who got a good look at one of them so hopefully that helps the cops even more.

    I didnt have a lock it broke a month or two ago and never replaced it. I didnt have insurance as theft coverage was to expensive (a risk I took and now I have to wear the consequence)
  11. That sucks man :(

    I'd let you have one of Ktulu's Bike Security Products! half price.

    Bastard thieves.
  12. Curious, did you have it locked up?
  13. im sorry to hear about your bike but sounds like you have a couple of good leads, hope they get caught :evil:

    but that is the stupidest suggestion i have seen all day. who would he pm it to??? there are hundreds of melb NR members. ithe rego is in the thread. a better aproach would maybe be to post a notice in local bike shops or something. pming all the melb netriders is just a waste of time!!
  14. Bummer about the bike I'll keep an eye out for ya, I'm at MSAC on weekends, and often around St.Kilda area... put up a pic if you can...

    but seems like the authorities have all the details... now if only they were to follow up on them
  15. Bad luck on the bike gixxerkid. Every biker dreads crap like that happening. Hope the law gets their hands on the buggers.

    So in the video how did they steal your pride and joy?
  16. That totally sux kid!

    How good is the resolution of the security video??? How brazen were these guys!?!!

    In a recent group buy, I got myself an alarm. I'm thinking of getting a xena disc lock alarm as well... the noisier the better! - Not that noise stops lifting a bike... but it helps.

    Hope your bike is found bro.


  17. Bad luck :( ... I go there all the time to play bball, but I park my bike at sliding doors at the front of the basketball part....now i'll think twice about taking my bike!!!!
  18. I was just sitting here thinking about taking the bike to MSAC tonight - now I think it will be cage. I cant believe they would risk it there - so many cameras compared to other places... Ive been parking the gixxer there for weeks without considering it a "hotbed" of criminal activity.

    Best of luck mate.
  19. It was taken in the span of 6 minutes they already knew the bike was there, so they`d done their homework. They drove up one guy watched out another guy hit a screwdriver into the ignition barrel and then it was gone.

    Got pretty good footage of them and the car they were in. The police were optimistic they will get them.
  20. Fingers crossed for you. That is kinda disturbing. I think I'll remember to put my disk lock on tomorrow. :?