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Stolen Bike....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CharlieBrown, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Guys I know I havn't been on here for ages, excuses aside I thought I'd jump on in an act of desperation,

    My ZZR250 was stolen from outside RMIT City Campus Melbourne last Thursday.... Some bastard stole my helmet the week before so I couldn't move it, and somebody got to my bike before I did.

    Just wondering if anybody sees a black re-spray (no sticker kit) ZZR250 1990 model, with a scratch on the left front fairing, number plate AJ 900 out there if they could give me a buzz.

    Thanks guys.
  2. You left your bike out the front of RMIT for a week :shock:

    You sure it hasn't been reported as abandoned and a towie has picked it up???
  3. Nah, it has been declared a suspisious package and blown up by the anti-nutter squad :shock:

    seriously, good luck on locating it
  4. I would concur with Kraven... :shock:

    You had no friends (ie on netrider) that could help you get it back to your place.

    Where was your helmet stolen from, did you leave it on the bike?

    GL finding it anyways
  5. Yeah a week.... stupid in hind sight, thought was, with so many R1's, CBR's, Apillias, etc. lying about the place, who would bother with a '90 ZZR250, but its all money in the bank eh!

    The cops checked all that out for me, have to say they've been really good. Called me back a couple of times to get more info.

    Helmet was stolen at uni.... probaly by some art's wank and ill see it in some exibition in a week!
  6. Apparently this used to happen in Northern Ireland alot. If a car was left parked near a police station it would be 'disposed of' by the bomb squad. My friend from work tells me that they had endless joy walking home from school as a kid and seeing "another US tourist get their hire car blown up due to thier lack of ability in reading a sign.". :grin:

    Charliebrown - Will keep and eyeout, you might get lucky.
  7. Sympathy there - it seems that 250's are being targeted at the moment...
    I've heard of a couple of other 250's being stolen recently as well.
    (no word about the Spada so I assume it's gone forever now :evil: )

  8. You left your bike there for a week :shock: did you think the garden fairies were going to look after it :grin: Sorry about your loss but thats about as smart as leaving you phone on a table at the pub :cool:
  9. Sh1t mate unlucky, next time though just borrow a lid or ride home without it, I am tipping the fine would have been less than your bike. Anyway mate I shall keep my eyes open and I wish ya luck
  10. have to agree with you on that one... no way would I be leaving my bike unattended anywhere in public for a week :shock:

    good luck with it, I'm in the city almost everday of the week so I'll keep an eye out for you (but they'd be stupid riding it back into the city, most likely stripped for parts/spares for another ZZR250) :?

    Definitely should've posted on here, coz there would've been plenty of people here that would've have ridden it home for you (either to yours or theirs :wink: )
  11. geeze you know casper (aka rgvVroomDaddy or something :LOL:) works there and would have happily ridden it home for you???
    And leaving it outside RMIT!! caspers zxr250 was stolen from inside the locked car park just a couple of weeks ago, im suprised yours lasted more than a night!

    anyway, I do wish you luck getting it back, hope your more careful next time!
  12. Yeah thnks guys, good to know that your keen to lend a hand, or an eye... wish I had thought of posting here for a helmet or whatnot to get it back home.

    Lesson well and truly learned.

    Itll be a few months before I'm back on the road though, I might as well go a bigger bike cause I'll be eligable in a couple of months. Going to miss the old one though.

    Shame about all the others being stolen, I can well and truly say I feel your pain!

  13. i'm around the city a fair bit also, will definately keep my eye out, though it could be difficult to distinguish. What sort of security did you have on it if any?
  14. I know how you feel.... Came home today to find that my Trailer was stolen from outside which was chained up to a tree.....
    Brownish/Grayish colour with some 5 spoke hubcaps it also has couple of holes on the side of the trailer closer to the front... were i had a roof rack mounted for couple of mountain bikes...

    If any one comes across the trailer please let me know....

  15. Hopefully some kids stole it for a joyride and it will turn up after it runs out of fuel. This happened to a CBR that was stolen from an apartment block I was living in.

    Cant see proffessional theives stealing an older ZZR250
  16. And some Ass hole stole my daughters BF's Fast Fiddy from the back of a ute on the weekend parked right next to there tent, lucky for my D they left her DRZ125 alone.

    Feel sorry for the lad, bout 5k down the drain, big hit for a young bloke doing it tough.

    I'll post pics and engine number soon.
  17. man i don't understand people, why they gotta go stealing them bikes for =[ can they really sell it for some worth? must take alot of effort, doesn't seem worth it. bloody mongrels. they are pretty brazen as well. usually alot of people around in the city.

    shame about the lost mate, i'll be looking out for it too bro and ima bolting mine to the ground everytime haha!
  18. Ring the bike shops Woodsy, and get them to keep an eye/ear out.
    Never hurts to try.
  19. Yeah I don't see the point in stealing an old bike either, but thats the logic that got it stolen eh!

    Sorry to hear that this is going on all over the place, theres gooduns and baduns, if we could only put a fence between us.

    Bookofromans, how do you go about chaining yours to the ground? I was going to get a disc bolt but thought if the steering locks on they'd be opting to put it on the back of a trailer anyway.
  20. get urself a good chain with a like a plastic/rubber packing or coating so it's harder to cut. then when u park it find a big pole and chain it to it =] this person with a black zxr250 on queen street does that. but if people are so deadset about stealing it they'll manage anyways. just make it so hard for them and they'll get busted in the act =]

    but how about them jaycar alarms. i was gonna get one but then i don't know how to install it lol. i will soon though when i have the time (currently on exams)