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Stolen bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by E2W, Jun 10, 2011.

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  2. Shouldn't you be busy? ;)

    I read that yesterday and cannot believe the car occupants escaped virtually unscathed! It seems Victoria is one of the only states that still allow these ridiculous chases in the attempt to issue a ****ing speeding ticket.
  3. Sorry, back to work. I is a workin boss, I is a workin!
  4. Let me guess, lost it on the tram line
  5. *cracks whip*

    I'll probably pillion Lulu over later on by the way so will chat to you about the grips then.

  6. It was an unlicenced rider on a stolen bike. Not just a speeding ticket.
    And the police had terminated the pursuit well before he pranged.
    All states allow pursuits, the rules just vary.
  7. They make pretty safe metal boxes these days.

    Stupid guy. He had already lost them and then he went and crashed.
    If he didn't crash, it would have been one more to the motorcycles tally.
    If he didn't crash, it wouldn't have been reported and we would never have known he made it initially.

    To the Age: thanks for reporting it. It gives us hope.
  8. The pursuit started after the rider was observed speeding. They discovered it was stolen after they caught up with it following the crash.

    Don't get me wrong I agree with pursuits for speeding offences as most times other offenses such as unlicenced driving and stolen vehicles are involved as long as proper police protocols are followed during the pursuit.
  9. Indeed.

    One of those protocols is to always terminate the pursuit moments before the crash.
  10. Hey, who would have guessed it would turn into a good news story after all?
    F$%^n thieves.
  11. Someone steals my bike, I hope the police terminate the rider just after the crash.
  12. Of course they had, they always do. ](*,)
  13. Can't wait for the highway patrol episode.

    "GET THE /@#%@#%"

    "that's a warning for all you riders thinking of running, we'll get you"
  14. Anything more than 40 down Gertrude Street and your asking for trouble. Looks like he may have been doing more than 40 at the time of the crash.
  15. I had my first bike stolen, the cops chased it around until the guys seized it. Being my first bike I would rather know that it had gone to an old farm than to see it in the police yard stripped and seized.

    Don't chase them I say, we don't want them back after the cops have finished with them.
  16. Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/s...es-into-car-20110609-1fuxp.html#ixzz1OqwpfJIF


    Epic. Many interesting points highlighted in the article.
  17. why is ethical standards overseeing the investigation??
  18. I seem to remember they investigate every chase that ends in a crash,

    unless theres cupcakes..
  19. Do you really believe the second point? At the time they were chasing someone through a heavily populated area for pedestrians with tramlines because they were speeding - nothing to do with his licence or ownership of the bike as they didn't even manage to get the frigging plate number!

    QLD and NSW have much more restrictive laws from my understanding and use things like Skye's Law instead. If they cannot shut down a bike in the CBD then ffs they shouldn't be conducting high speed chases! It's totally out of proportion and perspective in my opinion.
  20. how were the hands on the way home?