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!!!! Stolen bike !!!!

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by jaysen0011, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. One of my best mates had his 2007 Repsol CBR Fireblade stolen on the night of 23/10/09 between 7.30pm and 11pm from his garage in Langwarrin.
    Needless to say he wants it back so any information will be greatly apperciated and a hefty rewarded offered.

    Contact Daniel on 0407 562 344

    Cheers, Jay.


  2. would be good to know what security devices he had fitted, such as chain, disc lock, ground anchor, big bloody dog, locked garage, etc.

    hope he gets it back.
  3. That sucks, bloody nice looking bike. Did he have insurance?
  4. dunno if its the same bike or not (i didnt see rego) but i saw a bike with the same or very similar scheme heading towards the city on the packenham (spelling?) bypass yesterday around 3:30 pm.

    but there is a fair few bikes with that color scheme so likely not the same one. just thought id mention it as its not too far from langwarren.
  5. If NR still doing the stolen bikes register??

    The reason I ask, is a few weeks ago I inspected a rental property, inside the Very Messy garage was an 08 black R1, with no plate, covered in general junk and dust with fresh tires. Seemed a little sus to me. Micron exhaust, "Balls All Tuning" sticker on the right hand side frame, GPS mount on the bars, WITH GPS still attached (sus to me), black, 08 i think... yeah... seemed a little sus...
  6. !!! Recovered !!!