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Stolen bike recovered after 35 years

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gromit, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. Here's the link

  2. Motorcycle, rider reunited after 35 years
    Thirty-five years after it was stolen, police in Long Beach, California have recovered a motorcycle as it was being shipped to an unsuspecting person in Finland who bought it in an online auction.

    The Yahama 360 was stolen in 1971 from Phillip McKeen off a street in Long Beach, 40 kilometres south of Los Angeles.

    Mr McKeen, now an airline pilot who lives in the north-eastern US, calls its recovery "incredible".

    "It's as if a friend you hadn't seen for 30 years walked back into your life but hasn't aged a day," he said.

    The motorcycle, which has just 15,100 kilometres on the odometer, surfaced for auction on eBay late last year.

    Police say a resident of Lahti, Finland, won the auction with a bid of almost $A 2,378.

    The motorcycle was discovered during a routine check of a container on a ship about to leave the US for Scandinavia.

    Police say the seller, from central California, was not involved in the theft.

    Earlier this year California police also recovered a Corvette convertible sports car stolen in 1969 from New York as it was being shipped to Sweden from Los Angeles.
  3. how amazed would you be :LOL:
    v. cool
  4. yeah ya wonder if the bike could talk about where its been what stories it would have to tell..... ?? :grin:
  5. Sighhh .... wish my bike'd come back ... it got stolen back in Sept '76.
    It was parked outside a mates place in Mitford St, Elwood, alongside his Kwaka 750 triple. They took mine and left his :roll:
    It was a Honda 750/4 K1 .. it'd just had a complete motor rebuild and been back on the road 3 days :(
    I still remember the engine number off by heart .. it was CB750E-2230809 ..
    I wonder where it is after 30-odd years ..........
  6. poor bloke in Finland though....

    guess there's a bit of red tape going on right now.
  7. should do a vicroads check.....who knows it may still be out there looking for you!
  8. but the big question is: would you WANT to get a 35 year old twin cylinder bike back?? :LOL:
  9. If you got a payout from it... would you have to pay the insurance company back???