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Stolen Bike Prevention Measures

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by benn0551, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Reading all these has be a little paranoid about leaving my bike outside... even in a friends lock-up garage.

    I have a disc lock which I secure to my back wheel and column lock the front wheel. I used to disc lock the front wheel, until someone mentioned a couple of guys could wheel it onto a truck lifting the front wheel.

    Is this enough to secure my bike?

    All these stolen bike reports... have any of the bikes been secured?
  2. Insurance and parking in sensible locations will go a long way to keeping your bike safe or being able to recover if it does go missing. If a Pro wants to take it there is little you can do to stop them, just make it harder for the opportunists.
  3. When mine was stolen the evidence suggests that they may have lifted the entire bike at least part of the way (hence "they"). Securing to a fixed object is a better idea.
    Nothing is thief-proof but the longer it takes them the better.

    A handful of parts from mine were recovered.
  4. Exactly. Ultimately do the best you can to stop those that all of a sudden feel the sudden urge to steal something for no other reason then something passes through their mind. It's these idiots that you need to secure your bike from which unfortunately there are far too many of.

    In terms of where you park your bike, try and make it random - don't park in the same place everyday if you can. If there is someone scoping out your bike with the intention of stealing it parking it in random locations everyday is going to make it more of a hassle for them - possibly to the point where it's no longer worth it.

    As above though, if a pro wants your bike, it's gone. Thankfully there probably aren't too many people who can crack the disc locks and any other additional security your bike might have, start it up, jump on it and ride away - all within a minute or so. Generally these kinds of people aren't going to be stealing the average bike though; they will be going after bikes that are actually worth something I would imagine - something unique/rare.
  5. if someone wants your bike it's gone....

    when i got this bike i was talking to my mate at the shop and this is what he said. then he showed me photo's....

    in the pic's he showed was an empty garage this guy had two bikes (one track and one daily ride) both bolted to the concrete floor with kryptonite locks. in the pic you can see where they cut the concrete to get the bikes.
  6. They actually went through the trouble of cutting the concrete? Desperate much? They must have been expensive bikes to go through that sort of trouble.
  7. Luckily for me noone likes a Hyosung. Theft proof ;)
  8. Well said!

    Chains, disc locks and U Locks can only go so far. Now if we could only fit something like this to the bike?

  9. Very useful accessory on a Bike in filtering not so nice for a bike that is filtering as an installation on a car.
  10. place leafy branches over it and camouflage it like just another tree... no-one steals trees man.

    ... or maybe ...disguise it as a lampshade ??
  11. Too bad if you had a small fuel leak under the car.
  12. Stick of dynamite under the seat and a mercury switch. Just park it at least 50 yards away. Won't prevent theft - won't help you get your bike back. But he won't steal another one. Don't tell anybody you've done it. If it goes off, just play dumb - it must have been something the thieves did.
  13. At my old work one of the guys had a red hayabusa, he parked it in the trolley return behind woolies, and used a bicycle chain through the rear wheel and around a pole. The bicycle chain would barely be a niusance to anyone with bolt cutters, but it was also in view of 2 surveillance cameras ;)

    Other than that, get a tourer/cruiser.. I'd like to see a couple bogans try and lift almost 300kg without breaking something in their back
  14. just need an automated sentry gun

  15. i'd be more worried about people slamming trolleys into the thing.

    i try not to park the car close to these return bays because of said fear.
  16. Oh right, forgot to mention this was nightshift.. all trolleys had been locked inside already and the bays were empty.
    (apart from a couple strays dumped around town as per usual)
  17. As has been said already nothing is theft proof if the scum want it bad enough, but plenty of options to make it harder for them.
    All of my bikes have a THICK ass plastic covered chain looped through wheel/swingarm that cannot be broken by boltcuttets, disc-locks, as well as a a special little floor mount bracket that was integrated into the concrete when the garage was being poured that they get chained to.

    Not impossible but going to slow them down long enough for me or a neighbor to hear.
  18. What about satellite tracking options? I know that there are ones that track by nearest mobile phone tower....useless if you are in a bogan or densely populated area.