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Stolen bike NSW

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tanyathecheeky, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. Pic of stolen bike:

    Hi guys, now i the futility of posting something like this but in these times you do what you can do however small and futile it may seem.

    Just this morning my mates 04 fireblade was pinched from his garage in Cirius Place, Engadine, NSW.

    It is an 04 blade with quite a few modifications and quite a distinctive bike if anyone see's it please either contact the police or the owner directly....Vic Williams on 0418 221 776

    The rego of the bike is VIC-55 <nsw rego> the bike has had the lower fairing colour matched black with a red honda sticker on the lower part of it, wave discs with the centres of the painted red, polished wheels, Michelin Pilot Power tyres, mirrors removed and replaced with handlebar end mirrors, tinted headlight covers, bottom of the fork tubes painted black, an unbranded carbon muffler, chrome number plate holder with built in LED blinkers.

    The bike was stolen between 9 and 11-30am on the 22/3/05.

    The owner is realistic about the fact that the bike may never be seen again but like i said you do whatyou can to help out a mate however you can.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated and a reward offered
  2. I'll keep my eye out for it and call the guy if i see it. Best of luck to him :(