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Stolen bike found, CBX500v

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nice2Bnaked, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. Yesterday I found a bike in fairfeild boathouse carpark when I was out cycling. It was a 1982 CBX500v, and was on its side with alot of burnouts and doughnuts around the area, and had the intrument face broken open and battery hot-wired. It was still o9n when I found it (not running, obviously). I reported it and left my email adress under the grab-strap, after putting it on its bent side-stand.
    I was utterly discusted at all the people walking past and ignoring the bike, with no attempts to switch it off or put it up. It is a high traffic area, and if I was riding faster I probably would have gone over the handlebars as it was right in front of the path exit, so it wasnt a case of not wanting to touch a stolen bike either.
    What else discusts me is that who-ever nicked this bike obviously knew how to get it going, and as much as I hate to admit, was pretty good at being able to drop nice cirlcle burnouts on such an old (and heavy) bike, so one would think that they were reasonably experienced in riding. This bike, back in the day (though I wasnt even born) was the dingoes danglies, and is still a classic (maybe a collectable one day), and It was a shame to see it dying on the road.
    I returned about an hour later to find that it was gone (the police said they'ed come check it out) and I asked some organizers of a picnic day in the park if theyed seen anyone take it. Apparently three blokes came and wheeled it away, and I hope it was the owner. If anyone knows any other info about this, let me know, as I would like to help the owner get it back on the road (all things considered, the damage wasnt that bad)

    Cheers, and may motorcycle theives end up under a truck as the stolen bike glide gracefully into a cushy flower bed.
  2. absolutely!! :twisted:

    good on you for your efforts :)
  3. Good on you for doing something about it. Don't understand the mentality that would steal someones pride and joy.
  4. yeah mate, good on ya for making the effort. Is a poor reflection on others when they are too sh*t scated to do the right thing.
  5. if 3 guys just came and wheeled it away i doubt it was the ownert. how come you didnt wait for the cops? dont get me wrong, its good you called them and actually did something :)
  6. i imagine it's easy to get skilled at riding when you're riding a stolen bike that you don't care about when it gets damaged.
  7. I would have waited for the cops, but I was late for work. I coach a young sports team on saturdays, so though it was a good excuse to be late, the nature of my job does'nt allow me to take time off - especially working with kids. I'll find out if the bike was recovered, and if not I have the contact details of the picnic organizers who saw the three guys... I hope those suckers get done. Ive had my bike pinched before, but recovered it with no rear rubber and all the fairings missing. They dropped it on both sides, but it was a Spada, so no damage was done... there bulletproof.
  8. yeah what sort of scumbags would steal a bike???
    when i lived in footscray some junkie assh*les stabbed a screwdriver into the ignition of my harley, and although they couldnt steal it they still managed to cause hundreds of dollars worth of damage. i'd just gotten home from work, from epping to footscray 45 minutes in the rain, in winter, hung my leathers under the pergola to dry, had a quick shower and as soon as i got out of the shower went out the back and leathers gone, and there was screwdriver in the ignition my beastie.
    stupid idiots didnt realise that if you start a harley anyone inside the house is gonna hear it.
    i thought, well i dont like living in footscray ... should i sell the bike and just get a cheap one??? or should i move house???

    I moved house.
  9. :shock:

    Nice one mate.
  10. someone broke into dads car once to steal a $20 tape player. little did they realise after breaking both ignition locks... that they could use a ballpoint pen to stab through the rear canvas. however on a vitara, you could have just unzipped it.

    drugs make you theiving good at doing and shpeeeking real nice like
  11. Police dont care.

    I saw a rider being taken away in an ambulance a couple of weeks ago, i turned up as the ambo's were leaving.

    R6 was just left sitting on the sidewalk, i had a look to assess the damage and the bike was pretty good. Figured it wouldnt be there too long if someone didnt come collect it for the owner.

    I called the hospital about 15 minutes after the ambulance had left. They wouldnt discuss anything at all with me about the rider. Fair enough.
    So i called the local police station to voice my concern that the bike was in ride-able condition and would surely be stolen if left on the sidewalk.
    I asked the officer who answered the phone if he were able to find out if the rider of the bike had made arrangements and if not would he like me to?

    The response was, "Its not your problem. Leave it there."

    Would be a fair kick in the guts to come off the bike then have it stolen too.
  12. Translation: "It's not my problem. Go away!" :?
  13. [​IMG]

    Not if it was over-insured. :)
  14. Hmmm, I reckon my new/old XL185 is worth $25,000...
  15. forgot to mention, it must be a repetetive theif. i've seen plenty of stolen vehicles that have been takeng by the same MO (ie knew how to get it going) :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: