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VIC Stolen bike crash

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Jeffco, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. Just heard on the news that police have arrested a rider after he crashed stolen bike.
    He was also found with a semi automatic pistol.
    nothing on vicpol website yet

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  2. more info
    Gun found, man arrested in Melbourne

    A man has been arrested after allegedly throwing a gun from a stolen motorbike in Melbourne.

    Police spotted the 32-year-old in North Sunshine on Sunday night and began chasing him before he crashed on a street corner.

    Officers searched the area and found a Glock semi-automatic gun allegedly tossed by the man, who is expected to face Sunshine Magistrates Court on Monday.

    Originally published as Gun found, man arrested in Melbourne

    Gun found, man arrested in Melbourne
  3. With any luck they'll find a bunch of stolen bikes in his possession and they'll be returned to their owners.
    So the gun was for shooting owners who caught him in the act maybe? Fcuker. Hopefully the crash hurt a lot.
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  4. Wow..

    Hope the crash knocked out his teeth and Crushed his balls...
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  5. That would be a nice outcome.

    For a very long time. That would also be a nice result.
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  6. Problem is the magistrate would just take pity on him, "ohh you dear young man, you've already paid for your crime, you can go, but promise not to be naughty again"
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  7. Keep this in mind if you are unlucky enough to encounter someone stealing your bike.
    There are a lot of people in hospital with screw driver stab wounds.
    But you prob don't go to hospital if the prick has a glock.
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  8. What bike was the guy riding? I wonder if this was the fcuk who took my bike.